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From Federico Fubini and Fiorenza Sarzanini

In total their value is 1.75 billion. Complaint from Ukraine: The Russians are ready to steal 28 thousand tons of steel from ships near Mariupol

Parallel to the ongoing war in Ukraine is the ongoing economic war between Russia and the West It is becoming more and more vague and asymmetrical every day
. Vladimir Putin and European nations did not fight with the same weapons. Any action by Brussels against Russian companies or personalities must be on a firm legal basis. Does not care to show even a semblance of Kremlin law. Take a look at what’s happening these days in Mariupol, one of the best European capitals of steel production until February 24th.

Medinwest, the Ukrainian group of Azovstel plants, will denounce it as a pirate act in the next few hours: six merchant ships in the Mariupol Sea have been heavily hijacked by the Moscow army. The ships have 28,000 tons of steel – about $ 20 million – It is intended for export to Italy and five other European countries. Now they could be smuggled into Russian ports, Medinwest condemns, from where they will go to African and Asian countries that do not use sanctions.

And to compensate for this kind of damage to Ukraine, the EU Commission is now proposing to confiscate assets seized since the beginning of the war. Today, 1,093 names of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian citizens of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lukansk are on the Brussels personal sanctions list.
Natural persons of them are worth about Europe – it turns out – located in the assets and accounts of nearly ten billion eurosEuropean union. It is noteworthy that the Italian share of this amount is estimated at 1.75 billion by the Rome authorities: basically less than 20% of the frozen assets of our country close to the Kremlin, even if Italy is not more than 11%. EU GDP. Importance ofItaly This is explained in a simple way: oligarchy and the powerful men of Moscow love it as a vacation spot and maintenance of their boats.

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For example, the 650 million euro super boat Shehrasat is owned by a certain Edward Gudinatov. – But Putin believed – it should be repaired in Marina de Carrara. On the other hand, Italy will be much exposed as a resting place for the major oligarchy of Russian industry. Case Alisher UsmanovHe is the owner of Kommersant Publishing, a partner in the Metalloinvest Group, and co-owner of MegaFon, the second largest Russian telephone operator, with an estimated value of $ 19.5 billion. Usmanov owned a real estate complex in the Colpo del Bevero area of ​​Arsenal (Sassari), valued at about 17 million. ம 66 million for managing homes and cars and six corporate vehicles. His case shows the impact of the oligarchy on the country, which has nearly two billion assets. The mayor of Arsenal refused to remove Osmano’s honorary citizenship because the oligarchy had donated half a million to the municipality a year ago for the struggle against Kovit. Most commonly, an entire Sardinian economy revolved around the Russians, with an annual income of only 40 million for moorings, parties and catering.

In Portisco, Sardinia, Alexei Mortashov, the first shareholder of Russian steelmaker Chevrolet, acquired Russia’s $ 105 million worth of real estate, valued at $ 29 billion. (And 65 million boats in Imperia). Then there is the 530 million euro maxi-boat (worth $ 20 billion) owned by fertilizer tycoon Andrzej Melnishenko or the real estate complex in Belarusian President Dmitry Masebin’s Arsena. All were captured and frozen.

But is it really possible to confiscate this nearly two billion dollars of wealth without the owners experiencing criminal punishment in Europe? Brussels proposes it, but the legal basis in every European country seems uncertain and different. Putin’s power structure must be severely affected. But proposing risky measures that cannot be legally enforced from Brussels risks becoming a boomerang in the long run. The story of the failure of the total ban on oil may have taught us something.

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