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Here are the latest projections compiled by Kendall Rogers, Aaron Fett and Mark Etheridge.

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Clemson He did what it took to do the last weekend of the regular season with a home series that swept Boston College. However, everything I accomplished this weekend by going 0-2 in the ACC was wiped out and outdone by a 27-8 score in the process by North Carolina and Virginia Tech. With the losses, Clemson’s overall ACC record dropped to 13-8 and the RPI dropped to 32 as well. The Monty Lee Tigers have had an impressive 13 wins against the top 50 teams in the RPI, but their overall league record is a problem. UTSA Replace the tigers in the field. UTSA is closely grouped with Louisiana Tech and Old Dominion, and we reported late last night that UTSA wasn’t in our previous field because it hasn’t played yet. Well, the Roadrunners played on Thursday and won, setting up a showdown with the top-ranked Miss South on Friday. A win over the Golden Eagles would likely seal the Pat Hallmark FC deal. UTSA is up to 46 in the RPI with 16 wins against the top 100 teams in the RPI.

Automatic Bidding: There were only two changes to the overnight auto qualifier quote. The first is North Dakota State out of the championship and Oral Roberts out of the top league, while Ryder replaces Fairfield in the MAAC Championship. It should be noted that neither team has been excluded from their conference tournaments.

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big ladder

Here are the last four teams on the field, along with the top four teams from the latest drop.

The last four in:

61. Alabama

62. Ole Miss

63. Old Dominion

64. Union

first fourth:

65. Clemson

66. San Diego

67- Pennsylvania

68- Pittsburgh

National Seed / host image

• There were only two changes in the order of the first eight clicks. Louisville He dropped out of the top eight after going 0-2 in the ACC, while the bottom four teams in the top eight now include Maryland (+1), Texas A&M (+1), Miami (-2) and a new top eight team Miss South.

• Regarding the other top 16 hosts, Texas and East Carolina continue to gain in the selection standings after their wins on Thursday, while only one host change occurred: Virginia I moved from the top 16 and LSU I entered after beating Kentucky early Friday morning at Hoover. With the win, the Tigers moved up to 20 points in the RPI and now have an SEC record of 18 to 13.

• Other potential hosts include Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Gonzaga, and Dallas Baptiste.

stolen watch

• Good news, bubble bands, there were no possible stolen shows on Thursday.

D1 baseball field expected at 64:27 May
Knoxville Statesboro
1 tn * (1) 1 South Georgia (16)
4 Cobain State* 4 Campbell*
2 Wake Forest 2 Georgia
3 West Virginia 3 University of California
Blacksburg Baton Rouge
1 Virginia Tech University* (2) 1 LSU (15)
4 Long Island* 4 brooms *
2 Vanderbilt 2 Texas Tech
3 Old Dominion 3 Louisiana Tech
stanford Auburn
1 Stanford * (3) 1 Auburn (14)
4 min * 4 College of Charleston*
2 University of California, Santa Barbara* 2 Coastal Carolina
3 North Carolina 3 Florida
Corvallis Fort Worth
1 Oregon (4) 1 TCU (13)
4 rider* 4 UNLV *
2 Gonzaga* 2 Texas*
3 Grand Canyon* 3 Dallas Baptist *
College Park Greenville
1 Maryland * (5) 1 East Carolina * (12)
4 Colombia * 4 Davidson*
2 Virginia 2 North Carolina
3 Liberty* 3 Wofford*
college station Austin
1 Texas A&M (6) 1 Texas (11)
4 army * 4 Oral Roberts*
2 Oklahoma 2 Arkansas
3 UTSA 3 Arizona
coral wall Louisville
1 Miami (7) 1 Louisville (10)
4 Florida A&M* 4 Ball State *
2 Florida 2 Oklahoma
3 Connecticut* 3 Ole Miss
Hattiesburg south curve
1 Miss South * (8) 1 Notre Dame (9)
4 Belmont * 4 Right State*
2 Georgia Tech 2 Oregon
3 Alabama 3 Rutgers

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