A Chinese man discovered his biological mother through a map more than 30 years ago

A Chinese man who was abducted 30 years ago was able to find his parents through a sketch he painted on social media when he was a child. When he was taken away from his family, Li Jingwei was 4 years old: as an adult he did not remember what his parents called him or the name of the place where he was born and raised. But he remembered how it was done and drew it. Thanks to the help of various people on the internet and the cooperation of the authorities, a few days ago he was able to recreate the story of the first years of his life and meet his biological mother again.

Li was abducted in 1988 in a small town in Yunnan province, where he lived with his parents.

According to the state newspaper SheetLi who interviewed him Taken aback It is for sale to another family in Langkawi, Henan Province, about 1,800 kilometers away. Li told them Sheet As a child, when he was sad, he always drew the place where he was born, and at such an old age he was able to remember it: he knew there were streams and pools, and remembered where they were. He remembered where the animals were and where the bamboo forests were.

He decided to share one of his recent paintings on the social networking site Douyin (known as TikTok in China), trying to find biological parents, and was inspired by other stories of people who discovered their families in similar ways many years later. The map, which accurately depicts streets, waterways and other details, caught the attention of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, which helped locate the man’s parents, state media said.

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The investigation focused on a woman from the Zhaotong area in western Yunnan, and on December 28, DNA tests confirmed she was actually Li’s biological mother.

A few days ago Li and his mother spoke on a video call. Later, on January 1, the two met in person at a police camp in Henan.

Li said he wants to spend the next lunar New Year’s holiday with the family he grew up with, but will return to Yunnan in the coming months to visit his biological father’s grave where he died. He also said that he would like to try to find real parents through the internet by following the story Guo Ginseng, Was able to meet his biological father after 24 years last July and his research inspired a film released in 2015.

The problem of child trafficking in China was particularly acute between the 1980s and 1990s and concentrated in rural areas. It is often attached A child policy, Which over the years prevented Chinese families from having more than one child and gradually relaxed over time to avoid overpopulation problems.

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