“A premeditated massacre in Olenivka, where are the international guarantors?” – Corriere.it

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Katerina Prokopenko, wife of the commander of the Azov regiment: The last time I saw my husband was before the war, and then on May 23 I heard from him. The Russians say it’s in Moscow, but I don’t know if that’s true

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KIEV – “Look at these photos.” Katerina Prokopenko shows images downloaded on her phone. “Those are aerial views of the Maxar technology and this is the latest update we have Massacre of prisoners of war in Olenivka ».
You can see two things from the photos. Between July 18th and 21st some holes were dug near the building, and the shed where 53 prisoners were killed and 70 wounded in Vines: the surrounding area was destroyed without damaging anything else. “It is certain that this massacre was premeditated”, he firmly believes, on behalf of all the soldiers’ wives Azovstal Steelworks And it is The wife of the commander of the Azov regiment,
Denis Prokopenko,
A very iconic POW in the hands of the Russians.

Do you have the latest news about your husband?

“No. I last saw him 10 days before the war began, and the last time I heard his voice—a few words—was on May 23. The Russians say he is in Moscow, but I don’t know if that’s true.

What do you know about Olenivka massacre?

“We don’t know anything about the identities of the dead and wounded, if you want to know. We have collected pictures and testimonies from soldiers’ telegraph channels and Russian propaganda, we have shown the photographs to medical examiners who specialize in such investigations, and they confirm to us: some prisoners of war were tortured and killed. Before the massacre. Their injuries and their physical condition are not consistent with explosions.

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The Russians are now calling on the United Nations and the Red Cross to go to jail.

“I want to ask: Where were the Red Cross and the UN until now? Our soldiers were transferred to that place a day earlier, which turned into their graves. Why didn’t the Red Cross and the UN come to monitor these operations? We believed they were security agencies. If they had been there, they would have at least seen newly dug pits, for example … It is no secret that Russia wants to get rid of our soldiers. Read what their embassy in the United Kingdom writes … ».

He refers to Aso’s tweet about soldiers who “deserve to be hanged” because “they are not real soldiers, is that a disgraceful death?”

“Exactly. To me that tweet confirms Russian responsibility in Olenivka. It doesn’t make sense to assume that the soldiers are Ukrainians as they say they are so they don’t have to testify about the war crimes they committed. If Ukraine wanted Azov’s soldiers dead, it would have allowed them to die in the bowels of Azovstal.

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