AFK timer removed from FFXIV Endwalker by developers after 10 months

Fantasy adventurers enjoy the coolness of the bustling city square.

picture: Square Enix

With Long waiting times distant memory Final Fantasy XIV The team is ready to return to normal life Allow people to sign in foreverno matter how long they go without actually playing an online multiplayer game.

In July 2021, Final Fantasy XIV feet system kick the players After 30 minutes of inactivity. This was intended to alleviate the game’s increased server congestion before it was strongly expected Endwalker Expansion in December. Unfortunately, it didn’t do much. The sheer popularity has often resulted in hours-long login queues. But things have calmed down these days. Players once again have the freedom to AFK to their heart’s content, a feature that defines Final Fantasy XIV Apart from his contemporaries.

when Final Fantasy XIV I implemented these automatic logins, I was surprised that the game didn’t actually get people to do anything. In terms of maintaining stability online, that only makes sense. Attracting tens of thousands of players at any given moment means doing everything you can to ensure that your servers are not overloaded. Other fixed online games like world of cansAnd RunescapeAnd missing coffinFor example, it has had AFK timers for a long time.

Final Fantasy XIV– hence, its player base – different from other MMO games. The lack of an AFK player boot system allows the world to feel full and energized. travel to any of Final Fantasy XIVThe bustling city centers of the ‘overwhelming experience’ can often be met with only crowds of players. hanging out. In fact, some people never sign out, and prefer to let their characters dance apart between play sessions in public.

As such, the Final Fantasy XIV The team’s decision to remove the AFK timer proves to be a popular one with the passionate MMO community.

Said one of the players in Final Fantasy XIV subreddit Reply to the news. “I was stunned. Now, I never sign out, for no particular reason, so I get it.”

“before [Endwalker] Released, there was always a man on the stairs in front of Aetheryte in Ul’Dah doing [Bee’s Knees dance]” Another player said. “I referred to him as a meth-pop because of his colorful clothes (or lack thereof), and for the first time in months, I saw him again this morning.”

“I’m alt-tab [free company] house every day, keeping the music in the background, third said. “I guess I’m probably not alone with that. Other people just don’t sign out. Modern computers have the ability to keep [Final Fantasy XIV] Open without obstructing anything else. Can literally play other games while [it’s] Management. I log in when my computer is turned on, and log out when it is turned off. “

Final Fantasy XIVSocial aspects often push players to achieve personal goals outside of traditional content, such as Make their personality as bright as possible.

Square Enix is ​​currently enjoying a winning round after that Endwalker Contribute to the “sharp rise” in subscriptionsThis made it one of the company’s most profitable endeavors in the previous fiscal year. Apart from removing the AFK timer, Final Fantasy XIV It also received smaller mechanical tweaks and additional content via the existing “Newfound Adventure” patch, which should partially lead directly to the next main story line.

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