Air strikes, vandalism and discriminatory attacks –

The only large city captured by the Russians west of the Dniebro River. The army was diverted from the war for the Donbass and the opposition took advantage of it: by withdrawing it, it could defend itself against a new offensive.

President Volodymyr Zhelensky did not leave Kiev in the first phase of the war, but from the end of May he began to see troops ahead. Come up with a message that encourages protest And, at the same time, show the enemy that he has safe enough areas to travel. After the first visit to Kharkiv on May 29, the Russian offensive in the Northeast was repulsed by the opposition. On Saturday, the Ukrainian leader left for the south, stopping in Odessa and Mykolayiv., A strategic river port that could not be captured by the Russians despite a long siege. We will not leave anyone in the South, Zhelensky assured Sunday.

Identification of Kiev priorities, Defending itself in the East on the one hand, and counter-attacks in the South on the other, seeking to exploit the small presence of the military, distracted by the great war of Donbass, which has become Vladimir Putin’s main target. The Russians are only partially profitable in the eastern sector The Ukrainians have been conducting counter-attacks in the south in recent weeks, Trying to recapture territory occupied by the army at the beginning of the conflict. Zhelensky’s men look from Mykolayiv Gershon is the only large Russian-controlled city west of the Dniebro RiverIt came under Moscow’s control when local authorities turned the page when Putin’s forces arrived.

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In this area, The Ukrainians have gained more space in the last two weeks than the Russians did in Donbass, Because of the protracted conflict on the eastern front with the army’s diversionary forces and means. In the disputed region, both sides are facing huge losses, the Russians need to weaken positions in other sectors in order to expel tactical battalions, and the Ukrainians are focused – and the need for weapons in the West – is controversial. Region. However, in the south, They began to try to retake the city of Gershon, using positions not protected by the military.Strategic as a gateway to Crimea but control the water supply of the peninsula, which was militarily annexed in 2014.

On the border between the Mykoliv and Kerson regions, the Russians continued their routine hammering, and on Saturday they attempted to attack with a helicopter, forcing guards to retreat by fire. The opposition, on the other hand, claims to have carried out four airstrikes in the region on Saturday. It killed 28 Russian soldiers and destroyed a T-62 tank, a radar station, a supply truck, an ammunition depot and some vehicles. The numbers are not confirmed, but they do give an idea Ongoing war at the southern tip for control of the area.

In Gershon, isolated for more than 100 days at the hands of Russians, Putin’s troops patrol the streets, FSB agents secretly move and listen to civilian conversations, and artillery shells in the distance. The front is about thirty kilometers awayBut in the city they continue Sabotage and discriminatory attacks by Ukrainians That They destabilize the invaders and prevent them from strengthening control of the city: There has been a lot of talk about a referendum on merging with Russia, but for now it has been postponed.

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The last blow of the protest took place on SaturdayOn March 23, an explosive device attached to a tree exploded on the car of Yevhen Sobolev, director of a local prison, one of the traitors who had gone with the Russians. The Ukrainians said the man had been killed, and he would have survived, not risked his life: the Russians were talking about a terrorist attack by Ukrainian guerrillas, but For the justice of Kiev Sobole, accused of treason And – under martial law – he is sentenced to life imprisonment for treason.

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