Al Qaeda leader hit by a drone attack –

from Giuseppe Sarcina, Washington Correspondent

In Afghanistan, CIA operation in Kabul: US State Department’s $25 million gift to al-Zawahiri. He took over from bin Laden

At around 6.30am on Sunday 31 July, a drone flew over a house in Kabul, Afghanistan. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s number one, is hiding there (Here, the photo story) after Osama bin Laden was killed. From an American base, CIA specialists maneuver the plane and direct it to the target. Minnal and al-Zawahiri were shot dead. President Joe Biden announced to Americans last night with these words: Justice has been served
. I have authorized a planned six-month operation to remove from the battlefield one of the most dangerous enemies of the American people. And I have a message for all extremists. Wherever you hide, we will find you and remove you. Undoubtedly an important victory for the US president, he was one step short of killing bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan in May 2011, when Barack Obama was president and Biden was vice president.

The US president also stressed that there were no civilian casualties.
A spokesman for Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban objected, arguing that the Doha accords, which paved the way for the changing of the guard in Kabul, bar attacks by Americans. However, it can be observed from Washington that the US has made it clear that it will pursue terrorists staying in Afghanistan. Also, Secret Service report AZawahiri was hiding in a building It is owned by Sirajuddin Haqqani, a leading figure in the Taliban regime. According to some sources, Haqqani’s son and son-in-law also died in the attack. The Blitz marks a change of pace in US counterterrorism strategy. The Pentagon has decided not to use special forces since the raid on bin Laden. The entire program will be developed and managed by the CIA, of course with the cooperation of the Department of Defense and under the supervision of National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan. The US hunted al-Zawahiri for at least thirty years before the doctor planned the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers with bin Laden.

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Biden recalled the path of the terrorist-ideologist: from the sabotage operation in his hometown of Cairo to the declaration of a global war against all enemies of Islam. At the forefront are Israel and the distant enemy, the United States. Ultimately, Al Qaeda’s new number one radical Islam has lost its influence in the galaxy. But the US president said it still poses a threat to US security. He still had $25 million in prize money. However, Saturday’s activity has a great symbolic value and will certainly have a profound impact on public opinion. The next day, the 9/11 Victims Association loudly protested Donald Trump’s hosting of a Saudi Arabia-sponsored golf tournament at his New Jersey club. A sign of how the trauma of the Twin Towers is still alive in American society.

Al-Zawahiri’s killing was a way to add justice to the worst trauma America has experienced in the post-war era. Televisions reclaim their role in attack planning. Devil’s trick. The idea of ​​sending kamikaze pilots to train in American flight schools. A crazy and bloody plan to kill civilians, because no Westerner is innocent to Al-Zawahiri. Let’s see if this activity helps close out a season. Certainly an important decision on a political level for the Biden administration. Last year, the president came under fire over the hasty evacuation of American soldiers from Kabul. Images of crash victims from runaway planes enraged Americans. Many analysts, not just Republicans, have accused the president of not only betraying the Afghans, who have cooperated with the United States for years, but also compromising their ability to fight terrorist organizations on the ground. Biden and the Secret Service responded on the ground, and with a newly developed operation, proved they had the necessary antennas to navigate without fail. We don’t stop and it doesn’t end there. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of the American people, Biden concluded in an evening that will go down in history.

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