All stand for maneskins. Mahmoud and Blanco from Sils. Ukraine case erupts

Laura Poussini, Alessandro Cottelan, Micah and Eurovision Song Contest 2022 FinalsTonight, Saturday, May 14 at 9pm from the Bala Olympic in Turin will be broadcast live on Roy 1 (RaiPlay, Radio 2 and Rai Italia, for Italians overseas), which we will always follow Live on

Final live on Eurovision 2022, LEGGO.IT

23.27 “Have fun and do not go too close to the tables”, Damiano’s motivation against France. The Maneskin leader was limping because he was injured while filming the video of their last single

23.22 Highly anticipated by fans around the world, Maneskin with “Supermodel” on Eurovision Song Contest Stage

23.16 Summary of the songs in the competition

23.14 Conductors recall voting methods

11.11 Singer Stephen Hope sings at the end of the race for Estonia

Eurovision 2022, Maneskin and excitement for Mahmoud and Blanco

23.06 Serbia: Constructa – Carbor Sano

23.02 Poland: Ochmann – River

22.57 United Kingdom: Sam Ryder – space man

22.54 A change of dress for Poussini, the other four countries missing, but the first tribute to Italy with Laura Poussini singing “In the Blue Painted Blue”. The whole Bala Olympico sings “Volare”

22.49 Australia: Shelton relay – not the same

22.44 Sweden: Cornelia Jacobs – Hold him close. Growing performance … it can be disgusting

22.40 Moldova: Zdob si Zdub & Advahov Brothers – Trenuletul. Let’s dance!

22.36 Iceland: Sistur – m Hakandi Sol

Eurovision 2022, Kalush Band Request: “Help Ukraine, Help Mariupol”. Are they at risk of being disqualified?

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22.32 Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Denfjord – Die Together

22.26 Belgium: Jeremy Magici – Miss You

22.21 Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli – Darkening

22.17 Lithuania: Monica Liu – Sentiment

22.13 Germany: Malik Harris – Rockstars

22.07 Now Ukraine’s Method: Kalush Band – Stefania. Singer applause for helping the Ukrainian people and Mariupol

22.03 Holland: S10 – De diepte

At the Eurovision 2022 Telegram, Gelensky’s request was to “Vote for all the Kalush bands in Kiev.”

22.00 Dance with Spain: Channel – Slomo

21.54 It’s time for Mahmoud & Blanco with Sils. The whole Bala Olympic in Turin sings with them. What a thrill of final adaptation between the two

21.52 We finally arrived in Italy, but first the conductors explained the Italian gestures

21.46 Armenia: Rosa Lynn – Snap

21.41 Norway: Subwoofer – Give that wolf a banana

21.37 Big 5 First Country France: Alvan & Ahes – Fullen

21.36 Micah and Catalan in the green room

21.33 Switzerland: Marius Bear – Boys cry

21.30 Finland: The Rosmus – Jezebel

21.25 Portugal: MARO – Saudade, Saudade

21.20 Romania: WRS – Llámame

21.16 It starts. The first country to compete in the Czech Republic: We are Tommy – Lights off

21.14 Entry of Micah, Catalan and Poussini explaining the rules

Eurovision 2022, Laura Poussini seduces Donadella Versace in metallic look

21.09 Ukrainian entry into Mahmoud and Blanco waving Italian flag and thunderous applause for roar

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21.08 Passerelle of all nations in the race

21.05 Bouzini changes her line for each song, beginning with her biggest hit song

21. 00 Eurovision theme song, here it is!

I read> Eurovision 2022: Ukraine wins the tournament. England overtook Mahmoud and Blanco

An evening to mark the winner of this editionEurovision 2022, The most popular music event in the world, will be added to the jury by public televoting. A preview of Gabriel Corsi and Cristiano Molgioglio’s live from 8.35pm on Roy 1, with the participation of Carolina de Dominico, from the Glass Studio in Turin. They also have the task of commenting in the evening to the Italian public.

Exceptional guests, i Meneskin And Gigliola cinquefoilWinners of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 and 1964, respectively.

For the tournament, 20 qualifying semi-finalists Big Five (France, Germany and Italy, England and Spain) join the ranks: Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, France, Norway, Armenia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany , Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Moldova, Sweden, Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, Serbia, Estonia.

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