Anti-aircraft sirens in Kiev and east of the country

Today’s news is live about the war between Ukraine and Russia On the 31st day of the conflict. The Russians besieged Chernihiv, waging control wars around Irfin and Kiev. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a polyclinic in Kharkiv. US President Joe Biden in Poland on the border with Ukraine. The European Union Council has announced new sanctions against Russia. The EU Commission proposes to create a working group on gas joint procurement. Three hundred people died in the rubble of the Mariupol Theater

A senior official said 7,300 people had been evacuated from Ukraine by humanitarian channels today. Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk: “2,800 people have left Mariupol”. Macron responded to the Kremlin: “We will not buy Russian gas in rubles.” After the Euros summit in Brussels, Drake: “Biden pledges US assistance to EU on gas”.

As for Moscow, the war will end “by May 9” As reported to the troops. Europe will buy natural gas from the United States Reduce dependence on the Kremlin. UN condemns: “Mass graves with hundreds of deaths in Mariupol”.

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Violent fighting in Sumi: “Terrorism exists, genocide of Ukrainians continues”

Heavy fighting is currently going on in Sumi ProvinceEast of the country: In a video released in the Telegram, the head of the regional military administration Dmitro Zhivitsky declared: “In the Sumi region, the situation is tense, fierce fighting is going on in the Konotop districts. The genocide of the Ukrainians is ongoing.

“They already knew that the Russians wanted to invade us in November, and we are full of spies in Moscow,” says the head of the Ukrainian Secret Service.

“We already knew the intentions of the Russians in November.” This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Security Intelligence Girillo Budanov The American newspaper The Nation interviewed: “We have many informants in the Russian military,” Not only in the Russian military, but also in its political circles And under his leadership – Budanov said – there are many well-informed people in the ranks of the Chechens, and as soon as they begin to prepare for an action, we will know from our informants. “

According to Putano, The strength of the Russian military is a great myth And “refers only to the medieval concentration of forces and the old methods of warfare.” However, the situation is still “very difficult”. “There are large Russian forces in our territory, which have surrounded Ukrainian cities,” Budanov explained. For Opportunities for peace “despite negotiations remain unclear and unpredictable”

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Missiles on Ukrainian cities to increase in the coming days: UK intelligence warning

In urban areas Russia is likely to continue to use its heavy firepower Tries to limit the losses of his men, already substantial losses, but at the expense of further civilian casualties “: in his latest update on land in Ukraine, UK intelligence He outlined a forecast of what Moscow’s strategy would be in the coming days. Focus on long-haul air and artillery to avoid hand-to-hand combat after heavy casualties over the past few weeks – 16 thousand, according to Ukrainian sources – At the expense of large populations of large Ukrainian cities such as Kiev, Kharkiv and Mariupol, already devastated by the bombing.

Finland blocks 13 boats on Russian border: “Ownership not clear”

Finnish Customs has announced Blocks 13 boats In the winter storage, its property is under investigation by authorities. Suspicious ships of Owned by Russian oligarchs Or other persons affected by EU sanctions. Ships are registered outside Finland and placed under customs control. Only yesterday was Finland The direct train between Helsinki and St. Petersburg was stopped.

Russians attack more and more Ukrainian hospitals: WHO complaint

There have been more than 70 separate attacks on hospitals, ambulances and doctors in UkraineWith the increasing number of “every day”, it is the accusation leveled by the World Health Organization against Moscow that it deliberately attacked Ukrainian health facilities with the aim of weakening the morale of the public. It says it has been inspected and verified by the WHO since February 24 to date 72 separate attacks on health facilities in Ukraine resulted in at least 71 deaths and 37 injuries. Most have damaged hospitals, medical transportation and distribution outlets, but the WHO has also recorded “potential” abductions or detention of health workers and patients. “

Because Russian Defense Minister Shoiku is missing. Ukrainian minister: “He had a heart attack”

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Anton Zherashchenko wrote on Facebook Sergei ShoikuRussian Defense Minister, He reportedly had a heart attack in mid-March For this he did not appear in public events until a few moments yesterday appeared on television on the screen of a video conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Guardian newspaper wrote that the claim could not be verified independently.

In his usual night-time speech to the people of the countrySpread on all social platforms, including the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky One of Vladimir Putin’s closest aides has raised suspicions about the fate of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who has not appeared in public. For almost two weeks: “Apparently their defense minister Sergey Shoiku Has disappeared somewhere, ”said the Ukrainian president, referring to rumors of self-defense (or worse) by one of the architects of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, perhaps due to the fact that the fighting did not win ground this month.

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Ukraine has risen with anti-aircraft sirens: fear in Kiev and in the east of the country

Anti-aircraft sirens were raised in several cities in Ukraine this morning. Various sources, starting with the BBC, report alarms for possible raids from the sky. KievCherkasy and Kropyvnytskyinel, located in the center of the country, and a Zaporizhia and Dinipro In the southeast, as well as a Cytomir East EA Kharkiv and Sumi In the Northeast. The potential type of Russian Air Force, which has increased its attacks in recent days, is expected in the next few hours.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba: “Tough talks with Moscow”

According to Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, the talks with Moscow are “very difficult”. Ukraine has promised not to back down from its demands. “We first call for a ceasefire on the guarantees of security and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Moscow: “1351 soldiers killed in Russian security during the invasion”

As for Russia, 1,351 people have been killed in Ukraine. In fact, according to the Kremlin, more than 1,300 soldiers were killed and 3,825 wounded in Moscow’s security offensive.

69,154 Ukrainian refugees arrived in Italy

69,154 refugees have arrived in Italy since the start of the war in Ukraine. Of these, 66,544 arrived at the border and 2,610 were detained by the Frooly Venice Giulia Railway Police. This was announced by the Home Ministry, which said there were 1,269 inputs in the national territory in the last 24 hours. Of the refugees since the war began, 35,577 were women and 27,311 were minors.

Ukraine: “16 thousand Russian soldiers killed in conflict”

According to civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, more than 16,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The bulletin, released today, killed 16,100 Russian soldiers, 1,625 armored fighter jets, 49 air defense vehicles, 115 aircraft, 125 helicopters, 5 boats and 53 drones, Ukrainian forces say.

Russian Ambassador to Italy Rasov: “Italian weapons could kill Russian citizens”

Russia’s ambassador to Italy: “Concerned that Italian weapons are being used to kill Russian citizens. Guns are being distributed among civilians and it is not clear how they will be used.” “I have been working in Italy for 8 years. I have worked with Renzi, Conte, Letta and now Tragi. We have done everything to build bridges and strengthen ties in the economy, culture and other fields. Sadly, now everything has changed. Inside, our every announcement is considered a threat.” Rasov finished. In the negotiations he says “we expect positive results”.

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Europe will buy natural gas from the United States

Europe will buy natural gas from the United States to reduce Russia’s energy dependence. Biden announced an increase in exports of liquefied natural gas. Drake promises: “Biden reiterates its support for Europe at this stage”

Ukraine accuses Moscow: “402,000 deported”

Ukraine has accused Moscow of forcibly deporting hundreds of thousands of civilians from the devastated cities to Russia. According to local officials, Moscow is using them as “hostages” to pressure Kiev to surrender. According to Ukrainian sources, 402,000 people have been deported, including 84,000 children.

Zhelensky on European sanctions: “If they had come earlier they would have stopped the war”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has said that early European sanctions will prevent war. Speaking to the European Council, he argued that a set of sanctions had come “too late” since the war had already begun. “You blocked Nord Stream 2, we’m grateful, but it’s a bit late,” he said. “Are you reluctant to impose sanctions? Are you reluctant to supply arms? Are you reluctant to trade with Russia? There is no time to hesitate. It is time to decide.”

War in Ukraine, live broadcast: Today’s March 26 news about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Fighting continues for 31 days in Ukraine. Kharkiv polyclinic bombing, wars near Kiev. Surrounded by Chernihiv. 7,300 people were evacuated via humanitarian routes. According to Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verreshchuk, 2,800 people have fled Mariupol.

According to the Kremlin, the war will end “by May 9”. Europe, on the other hand, is announcing new sanctions against Russia. The EU Commission proposes to create a working group on gas joint procurement. Macron responded to Moscow: “We will not buy gas in rubles”. Europe announces purchase of natural gas from the United States to reduce its dependence on energy. Biden announces responses to the use of chemical weapons in the Ukraine conflict. At least 300 people have been affected by the collapse of the Mariupol Theater.

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