Attack in Israel, three dead and four wounded (one seriously). Media: “There are two terrorists”. Hamas: “Heroic action”

Three people were killed in the attack tonight Elot, And four others were injured, one of whom is in critical condition, according to preliminary reports. Elot is mostly in the center of the Orthodox city IsraelAuthorities are asking people to stay indoors near the West Bank.

Israeli media have reported that police are searching for two attackers who escaped in a car. Chapter that took place in different parts of the city – happened with both Weapons An ax or a Big knife. Checkpoints and a western boundary line have been set up in the area. Security forces began searching for the attackers, one of whom had gone in a white van. This is the sixth attack on Elot in Israel since the end of March: a total of 18 people have been killed. Today In the country Independence Day.

Hamas Congratulations to the “heroes” who sowed death today in Elot, Israel. “That action – the spokesman said Hasem Qasem – The occupiers, their companies and their settlers “against the mosque in Jerusalem, there are still incidents today.” The Palestinian people – he added – are the result of Palestinian anger over the ongoing attacks by the occupiers, their companies and their settlers. Its sacred places. The desecration of the mosque should always be punished. “In recent days, the leader of Hamas Yihia Sinwar He called on the Palestinians to take up arms to “defend al-Aqsa.”

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“We strongly condemn the latest in the series Terrible attacks The terrorists who have recently shocked Israel, ”said a US State Department spokesman. Net price, At a press conference on the news of the attack on Elot in central Israel. “We reaffirm our support for the Israeli alliance and its security,” said a State Department spokesman.

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