Attack in New York, Frank James Arrested – Monto

New York sighs with relief. Frank James, a 62-year-old African-American convict involved in a subway shooting, was arrested after a manhunt that lasted more than 24 hours and involved thousands of police officers. The man, who was walking the streets of East Village as if nothing had happened, was taken to Manhattan. The two agents, according to an initial reconstruction, identified James by stopping him without offering any resistance. He is now charged with terrorism and spends the rest of his life in prison. However, the news did not quell the anger and frustration of Big Apple’s citizens and travelers. The shock of what happened allows for anger.

Many people wonder how it took so long to catch such a dangerous man in a super-safe city like New York. Among other things, one wonders how it is possible that surveillance cameras at the Sunset Park subway station in Brooklyn were inactive on the day of the failed massacre. Starting from the subway network that is the backbone of the metropolitan public transportation, Mayor Eric Adams, a former police officer who won the election promising a safer New York, ends up in the cross chair of public opinion. Adams, isolated due to Govt, is reaffirming his firm commitment to the city’s wave of violence during these hours and is considering introducing systems such as metal detectors to control the entrances to subway stations and ensure that no one can enter armed.

However, this hypothesis does not seem to adequately meet the growing need for protection, with the historic tunnel stage of dozens of crime incidents since the beginning of this year. The mayor later confirmed the high police presence and said he wanted to combat the phenomenon of homeless people using subway cars as a refuge. Attempts that did not bring the expected results so far and caused controversy rained down against the administration which was considered unable to overcome the problem. James lost trace of him for more than 24 hours and was able to escape from the large forces sent to capture him. And while some of the injured had already left the hospital, police were searching for video footage shot by witnesses looking for James’ online business and the motive behind his assassination. Investigators searched the Sunset Park subway station, 36th Brooklyn, inch by inch, throughout the night and listened to all witnesses. The van he rented in Philadelphia was found in some blocks from the scene of the attack. A bag with his bullets, chicks and crackers, a credit card and a used van key were found on the subway walkway. The 62-year-old explained to police that he boarded the metro “with the intent to commit violence.” The law enforcement agency noted that 33 shots were fired and a 9mm clock pistol was purchased in Ohio. In one clip, the man speaks of himself as a “prophet of destruction.”

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