August, the latest forecasts put summer vacations in jeopardy; Reasons »

Weather: August, latest forecast puts summer vacation in jeopardy; Reasons

Screenings for AugustJust got there European Center’s new seasonal forecasts for Augustwith general predictions of rainfall and temperature.
Summer vacations can actually be dangerous for many Italians?

To answer this question, we must rely on what we are called to do Long-term climate forecasts (August): Once decidedly unreliable and an object of study and curiosity for the curious and curious, now seasonal predictions A perfect tool for scientific forecasting, with decisive contributions to long-term climate assessment. In Europe, a leader in this field is the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, ECMWFReading (UK).

It seems that between the end July And the beginning August The A large high pressure field of African origin, was destined to impose itself more and more significantly on the Mediterranean basin. A recent screening by the European Center Confirmation (Map attached) In fact a trend traditionally dedicated to highlighting heat Italian holidays: Well, looks like we should handle the temperature better Up to + 5/6 ° C above average, especially in northern areas.
The worrying fact is that this thermal anomaly affects almost the entire continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to Russia, confirming the exceptional nature of this summer, possibly the hottest ever recorded in Europe.

For this reason it is perfectly reasonable to talk about “”.danger“: Sure, it translates Repeated heat waves are coming from the heart of Africa (Sahara Desert), peaks are ready to splash above 35°C, especially Val PatnaInland areas of both Major Islands And in part Central-Southern Peninsula.
These anomalous and warm phases should be considered true “bad weather waves” because they can cause serious damage: Prolonged drought, health problems And last but not least the indirect risk of extreme weather events. In fact, this excess heat increases the energy associated with the effects of hail and storms, whenever drafts of fresh air manage to “pierce” the anticyclonic shield. So it’s right to talk about holidays for a different reason, if not because of rain and thunderstorms.

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Therefore, summer should continue on this climate trend, with continued warm winds from Africa, as most officially announced by the latest seasonal forecasts. European Center.

Average temperatures up to + 2/3 °C in most parts of Italy (source: ECMWF)Average temperatures up to + 2/3 °C in most parts of Italy (source: ECMWF)

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