August, the latest screenings put Italian holidays at risk; Let’s see what we know now »

Weather: August, the latest forecasts put Italian holidays in jeopardy; Now let’s see what we know

Screenings for AugustWe are already experiencing the hottest summer in Italian climate history and in recent times Seasonal forecasts for Central Europe confirm that even in August Out of normal values ​​await us.
Summer vacation in jeopardy?

To answer this question, we must rely on what we are called to do Long-term climate forecasts (August): Once decidedly unreliable and an object of study and curiosity for the curious and curious, now seasonal predictions A perfect tool for scientific forecasting, with decisive contributions to long-term climate assessment. In Europe, a leader in this field is the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, ECMWFFrom Reading (United Kingdom).

Well, it looks like the intense heat we’re already experiencing may continue, at least initially August (Except for fast storm breaks in some areas, especially in the north), when A large high pressure field of African origindestined to impose itself more and more significantly on the Mediterranean basin.
A recent screening by the European Center Confirming the tendency devoted to great heat Traditionally featured Italian holidays: As can be seen from the graph below, some areas are red in color, as the legend says, that color represents the temperature well. Up to + 5/6 ° C above average; According to current data, the northern regions appear to be at greatest risk, followed by the center (especially the Tyrrhenian region).
The most worrying fact is that this thermal anomaly affects almost the entire old continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to Russia, confirming the exceptional nature of this summer, which will be the hottest ever recorded in Europe.

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For this reason it is perfectly reasonable to speak of “”.danger“: practically, really, about it Repeated heat waves are coming from the heart of Africa (Sahara Desert), peaks are ready to splash above 35°C, especially Val PatnaInland areas of both Major Islands And in part Central-Southern Peninsula.
The use of the word “danger” is entirely appropriate, as these anomalous and warm phases should be treated in the same way as “bad weather waves” because they can cause severe damage: Prolonged drought, Health problems And lastly indirect risk Extreme weather events. In fact, this excess heat results in hail and storms that increase potential energy whenever drafts of fresh air manage to “pierce” the anticyclonic shield.
So it is right to speak Vacations at riskAlthough not due to rain and thunderstorms, for a different reason.

Therefore, summer should continue on this climate trend, with continued warm winds from Africa, as most officially announced by the latest seasonal forecasts. European Center.

Temperatures above average up to +5/6°C especially in central and northern Italy (source: ECMWF)Temperatures above average up to +5/6°C especially in central and northern Italy (source: ECMWF)

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