Belarus annexed by Putin? Lukashenko’s opponents: “They are occupying us, a softer version of what could happen in Ukraine”

“Unprecedented political and social pressure from the West accelerates the process of integration between Russia and Belarus”. President’s words Vladimir PutinPresented and reported at a conference Al JazeeraHighlight that Annexation of Belarus This may be one of the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine. Minsk and Moscow are a Treaty of Union, has been in place since 1997, facilitating the creation of common politico-military structures with a view to future reunification. President of Belarus Alexander LukashenkoSince 1994, the regime has shown an alternative interest in the initiative, but starting in 2020, Moscow has supported a massive crackdown on Minsk. Protests against the government Following the disputed presidential election in August. Lukashenko’s harsh response to the post-election protests made him a pariah on the world stage and forced him to guarantee Moscow greater economic and political influence in the country, achieved with the (unofficial) merger of the two states’ militaries.

The invasion of Ukraine was also launched from Belarus: the troops went Kiev They were launched from military bases located across the border, while national territory was also used as a launch pad for air and missile attacks. Lukashenko has always denied wanting to take direct part in the war and has tried to pass himself off as one Mediator, aware of the hostility of the Belarusian people to the conflict. Born from the ashes of the Tsarist Empire after World War I, Belarus was one of its founding members.Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In the 1920s, with the approval of Moscow, the local language and culture were promoted, but these policies were interrupted by the repressions of the 1930s, when local cultural elites were destroyed. During World War II, Belarus suffered badly, suffering one of the highest rates of population loss in Europe. The war left deep scars, but helped cement Belarus’ role within the Soviet Empire. Investments Moscow in the country. The stability and prosperity of the past few decades has made many Belarusians reluctant to face the end of the Soviet Union and has led them to proactively develop closer economic and political ties with Russia.

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Many Belarusians viewed Lukashenko as a guarantor of stability and security and believed his victory was inevitable, even in the face of free elections. The serious matter of elections and the Torture It irrevocably lost the legitimacy of the results of thousands of protesters who competed peacefully. The repression has increased significantly as has the number Political prisoners, journalists and independent media became targets. Sanctions imposedEuropean union In agreement United Kingdom And America They have attacked manufacturing sectors, industrial enterprises and isolated Belarus. Nevertheless, Minsk further raised the level of conflict by creating a migration crisis at the border. Lithuania And Poland and abandoning the balance between East and West. Frank ViagorkaAdvisor to the Leader of the Belarusian Opposition Sviatlana TsikhanouskayaReported to Atlantic “In Belarus we see a softer version of what might happen in Ukraine”, and “Belarus accepts the occupation”.

Poland and the Baltic states are concerned that Belarus is allowing Russian troops dangerous access and strategic reach. Suwalki corridor. It is a 130 km stretch of land that forms the only link between the Baltic and the rest of the region. was bornand divides the enclave Kaliningrad From Belarus. The Suvalki Corridor is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world and a potential first point of contact in the event of hostilities between Russia and NATO. Possible entry Finland And Sweden Tensions have risen between Russia and the alliance in NATO, however, according to reports Politics from Linas KojalaThe director of the Center for Eastern European Studies called a Russian move to Kaliningrad “less likely but unlikely”.

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