“Biden is breaking away from Zhelensky, that’s why” – Libero Cotidiano

According to Maria Giovana MagleyGuest Counter current On Network 4, Joe Biden It will start to leave itself Volodymyr Zhelensky. Reasons? Especially internally, according to him. “Before the Middle Ages, Biden realized that this war might help him in terms of better motivation and representation of power, but in that sense he is in a terrible position,” the reporter explained. The US president, perhaps, thought much of the conflict at the internal political level. But it would not have happened the other way around.

“America is now distracted by something else, important How much petrol, Abortion history, Trump’s fake or genuine investigation, other issues, some very serious and important – McGee continued regarding the speech -. America is at a point of crisis, and it is not by our proximity or condition. “In short, Europe is still close to the rules of Ukraine. Conflicts seem to be farther away than in the United States.

For all these reasons “Biden It starts to peel, It is not right or bold or honest, but let it be so. Zhelensky begins to feel this detachment. On the other hand, the British are silent and I do not hear them issuing statements anymore, ”McClellan said.

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