Bolsonaro and Lula “weapon” challenge for Brazil’s presidential election –

from Sarah Gandolfi

We’re voting on October 2nd, but the climate is already heating up: the right-wing leader wants to get involved in dismantling the military, and the left-wing candidate is running with a bulletproof vest.

Who will kill the president of Brazil? It could be the title of a thriller, one of those devouring each other on the beach. One of the hot topics in the newspapers and talk shows of the great South American state – and the most unlikely. Now the election campaign is heating up. Two and a half months after the autumn showdown between outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro, a champion of the populist right, and former President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, the resurgent leader of the Workers’ Party (Pt).. The first is inspired by Trump, the second is inspired by him. Conclusion: Between murder charges – a member of the PT was killed by a right-wing extremist in recent days – and anti-fraud charges launched by Bolsonaro, what will happen when the vote ends or the winner is declared?

Lula – who is running in a bulletproof vest – is firmly leading in the polls, but it is still hard to predict whether the battle will end in the Oct. 2 vote or whether the two front-runners will cross swords until the 30th vote. October (no chance for other contestants to weigh in on one’s vote). According to some analysts, in that dead time between the first and second rounds Bolsonaro could block the electoral process. The symptoms were noticed on Monday He invited about fifty foreign ambassadors to the presidential residence in Brasiliaincluding representatives from the United States, the European Union, France, Spain and Portugal; Defects in electronic voting system should be condemned. Completely vulnerable, he said without any evidence. Such allegations were launched in the 2018 elections, after which he won the ballot. What worried diplomats most was the allegation of military intervention in parallel counting of votes. As has happened in the past, the armed forces chiefs do not seem to have any intention of getting involved in election controversy.

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The head of the Electoral Tribunal, Judge Edson Fachin (whom Bolsonaro considers a political enemy), blamed an unacceptable electoral denial: enough now for disinformation and authoritarian populism to endanger the 1988 constitution, meaning the result after three years of military rule. Fears that the current president, following in the footsteps of Donald Trump, will not concede defeat in the election Attempt a coup, with actions similar to the attack on the US capital in January 2021. FolhaexpressSome US Congress members have been urged to investigate any interference or manipulation of the vote by the Brazilian armed forces.

The attempt to discredit the electoral system did not stop Lula’s car as he returned from gathering crowds in the country’s main squares. A former trade unionist who presided Brazil attracts the nostalgic, the poor, the tribes, but also entrepreneurs and bankers.. He even managed to turn his troubles with justice — corruption and money-laundering convictions overturned by the Supreme Court, until his acquittal last year — into a literary success: it’s selling wildly in bookstores. Querido Lula – Cardas and Brizo President Collects 46 letters out of more than 25,000 received during 580 days in prison. Lula emerges as a martyr, with fans sending him books, football magazines, poems, Bibles, photographs, drawings, clothes and blankets against the cold, some hand-woven and idols of various deities behind bars, the authors recall.

In recent times, turmeric has also been the top seller
O Assassinato do Presidente
Written by Rgis de Oliveira, retired judge and former vice chancellor. Tell the story of A polarized society in which political groups are increasingly hostile, to the hypothesis of assassinating the (right-wing) head of state to solve the country’s problems. The novel immediately landed in the crosshairs of Bolsonaro’s supporters, who are crying out for a coup.

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