Borrell eases tensions: “No restrictions on Kaliningrad, EU guidelines will be reviewed”. European Parliament: “Granting Candidate Status to Ukraine” – Direct

The United States is providing 450 million military aid to Ukraine

The United States is preparing to announce more 450 million Dollars in military aid to Ukraine. The company reports Bloomberg Citing the Associated Press.

Draghi called for an extraordinary EU summit on energy

Chief Mario TracyAccording to several European sources, the Council of Europe has been asked to convene Extraordinary summit OnPower In the coming weeks. It is understood that the proposal will be supported by other member states, including France.

“Russians want referendum in Kerson and Saporizia”

“The so-called Russian occupiers are planning to organize Referendum In the occupied territories of the regions Gerson And Zaphorizia September 11 “Intelligence sources said Kiev Quoted Ukrainska Pravda. Russia’s governor elections are set to take place on the same day

Filorussi Lugansk: “The whole part will be free soon”

The whole of the self-proclaimed Lukansk People’s Republic will be liberated “in the future.” This was announced by the official representative of the pro-Russian people’s militants in Luhansk. Ivan Filipponenko. It suggests Tax. “Departments of the Lukansk People’s Republic control airspace over Lyczynsk and Severodonetsk, and may disrupt the supply lines of the Ukrainian military,” he added. “Both cities are in a kind of operational round,” he concluded.

Eurovision 2023 will not be in Ukraine: Confirmation

L ‘European Broadcasting Union (Ebu) confirmed todayEurovision Song Contest 2023 This does not happen in Ukraine. As a result, negotiate with BBC To hold the festival next year United Kingdom The Ukrainian Minister of Culture has asked for further talks. “EBU fully understands the disappointment of welcoming the announcement that the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will not be held in Ukraine. This decision was guided by our responsibility to ensure the safety of all who work and participate in the event, ”reads the EBU note. “At least 10,000 people were authorized to work during the event, including staff and journalists. Also, another 30,000 fans are expected to come from all over the world. Their safety is our number one concern, ”he added. “In view of all this – the note concludes – with regret, EBU has decided to relocate the event and will continue negotiations to find a suitable venue for Eurovision 2023”.

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Draghi-Macron meeting on the sidelines of the EU Council

Meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron at the Italian Embassy in Brussels. According to reports, the meeting took place before the start of the European Council.

The White House is to announce a new arms supply

Management பிடன் Is about to issue a new announcement about sending arms worth about $ 500 million to Ukraine. This was reported by the management circle Cnn. The new package should include additional Himars High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems ”and related ammunition.

Commander Kiev: “Tough situation, but let’s wait”

“It simply came to our notice then. This is very difficult for us because the benefit of fire is on the side of the enemy. Beyond everything, we have. The situation is difficult, but under control. ” The General reported in the Telegram Valerie Jalushni, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army, in his latest update on military progress. “The armed forces are forced to carry out defensive maneuvers” and “try to occupy more favorable positions,” he said.

Rising gas prices

Gas prices are rising. After reaching a peak of 7 137.61, gas at the Dutch TTF center rose 5.37% to € 134 per megawatt hour.

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