Britain’s hottest day on record (42 degrees). Two people died in Spain

EverythingEuropeIncluding Great Britain, was besieged hot, in some cities like London, with temperatures that have stopped even trains, never seen before. From Madrid to Paris to Athens, it goes 40 degrees and beyond. 36 degrees in Sweden. Dramatic fires in France, Spain and Portugal have displaced tens of thousands of people and injured some, including firefighters. After the Covid restrictions, the return to freedom summer brings the highest toll between heat emergencies, fires and droughts. With one common thread: climate change.

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In record heat across Europe, fires wreaked havoc in France and Spain. 47 degrees in Portugal, national emergency in Great Britain

National alarm in England

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Italy is also in the oven: today five cities are marked with a red dot, tomorrow there will be nine. The heat alarm launched today by the Ministry of Health affects Perugia, Latina, Florence, Brescia and Bolzano (in South Tyrol they expect to equal, if not exceed, the highest temperatures ever). Tomorrow, Rome, Rieti, Genoa and Bologna will be added to the list of hot cities. Speaking of the capital, the Lazio health department explains: “Perceived temperatures are expected to reach 40 degrees.” A hot week will exacerbate the dryness problem and increase energy consumption due to the use of air conditioners. There is an irony in the light of the gas crisis linked to the war: we have a terrible heat at the end of July and we risk a very cold winter because we have to conserve heat.

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When will it end? According to meteorologist Paolo Sotocorona, “there should be a break in the heat at the beginning of August, but we know that the reliability of the predictions decreases as we move away from time”. In short: we will have to suffer for at least two weeks due to the African anticyclone nicknamed “Apocalypse”.

What is happening in the rest of Europe? In the United Kingdom, apocalyptic tones are used: Wales and Cornwall mark the highest temperatures in history, and now it will be the turn of the London area, where the tabloids note that the values ​​​​are higher than the Bahamas or the Bahamas. Sahara and the consequences can be seen: at Luton Airport (one of the London airports) yesterday because the asphalt of the runway melted, they had to stop take-offs and landings; The same thing happened to RAF military aircraft in Oxfordshire. Stop Underground trains too: for example, at Vauxhall in London, heat-damaged tracks and services were suspended between Waterloo and Clapham Junction. More trains have been banned across the country, with transport companies urging people to travel only if absolutely necessary.

The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace was also measured to protect the soldiers. The British Health Service is speaking of a national emergency. In France, the heat (more than 40 degrees and winds of 50 kilometers per hour) favored forest fires in the Bordeaux region: 31,000 people were evacuated. A thousand animals have been taken from a zoo in Bassin d’Arcachon due to another fire. Brest in Brittany is a city with high temperatures, while in Paris it is besieged by heat, with a peak of 40 degrees expected today: a crisis unit has been activated, the districts have air-conditioned rooms available to all citizens, and even parks and gardens are open at night for those who want to cool off a bit.

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In Spain, a heat wave that began on July 10 has already caused 510 deaths, according to officials. The latest death was a 60-year-old garbage collector who was attacked while collecting garbage in Madrid. “You can’t work in these conditions,” the son protested. There are several cities with maximum temperatures above 40 degrees: Ourense (44), Cordoba and Seville (43), with Madrid also on the way to these peaks. Spain suffers hours of agony in front of fire: A dramatic video shows a high-speed train halted in the west of the country, on the border with Portugal, as it was engulfed in flames as passengers watched in disbelief from the windows. Flames. Train services between Galicia and Madrid have been suspended. A huge fire has been raging in Catalonia for the past few days, 50 kilometers from Barcelona. More than 200 people have been forced to leave their homes. Tourist resorts are also in the grip of the heat: Ibiza is marking its highest ever temperature.

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