British blame France-

from Luigi Ippolito

A few passport-checking guards at Calais: long queues at Dover. Tourists are advised to travel with food and water supplies. London has declared the situation a “major incident”. And he wonders if this is Paris’ revenge for Brexit

From our correspondent in London

In London they are already clamoring for sabotage. French make border controls impossible: Thousands of British tourists headed to Europe forced to stay Queuing at the port of Dover can even take up to six hours, the dream of a longed-for vacation has turned into a nightmare. British officials have declared the situation a “critical incident”: and it is feared the crisis could continue throughout the summer.

Scenes from the crash on the highways in Dover are devastating: Thousands of bottled cars, guards sitting in futile waits, children and dogs wandering among the cars.. Vacationers are invited to bring water and food with them: but many people in line stop drinking when the water runs low, so there’s no need to look for a bathroom that isn’t there.

Disaster struck as the French opened only four of the ten checkpoints. Under the London-Paris Convention, documents have already been examined by French agents at Dover, who, however, have reduced their presence to a few days. After Brexit, British tourists will also have to have their passports stamped, doubling waiting times, and there are those in London who are skeptical. French Revenge for Great Britain’s Exit from the European Union.

Over the past two years London and Paris have clashed over canal fishing rights – with Boris Johnson sending warships – not to mention differences over Northern Ireland and financial terms. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who is in pole position to succeed Johnson, spoke yesterday: ¬ęThis terrible situation – completely avoidable and unacceptable, he said. It is imperative that France act to limit future inconvenience to British tourists and ensure that this horrific situation is avoided in the future.

The minister added that he is trying “Urgently” contact Catherine Colonna in Paris. The tourism emergency now risks turning into a diplomatic crisis

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