Burger King ‘Vintage’ was found behind a wall in Delaware

Long live the king!

Fast food fanatics have gone crazy over the image of a recently “discovered” Burger King, kept and looking almost blemish-free despite being a relic of the past.

The old restaurant was found hidden behind a wall in a Wilmington, Delaware mall and looked exactly the same.

“Perfectly intact antique Burger King was found behind a wall at Concord Mall in Wilmington, DE. This photo was taken by Jonathon Pruitt in April of 2022,” used as RealJezebelley tweeted Thursday.

The tweet has since registered over 18,000 retweets and 187,000 likes.

People loved the blast from the past and commented on their shock and amusement.

“And the plants are still alive,” one of them joking Along with a GIF that says “Gullible”. which the original poster Wrote: “What if I told you they were fake plants?”

“I tried this mall… it was scary,” another pointed. One user remembered visiting the mall in their younger years in response. “It was kind of like a dream to me, post-apocalypse as you walk among the ashes. Also, this aesthetic old mall kind of brings back beautiful memories from childhood” Wrote.

“This is so crazy! I live here and I remember [the mall],” another person added. “[It’s] Perhaps shutting down about 15 years ago, I swore that something had taken over the space. I don’t go to that mall much anymore, but I’ll look next time I’m near, I remember exactly where it was.”

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Burger King recently found itself in the frying pan with Pride Month campaign in Austria Last month.

fast food chain Launched the “Pride whopper” program, which contain all the same ingredients as the company’s regular burgers except for “two equal buns”. Burger lovers can get their delicious sandwiches with either top or bottom halves.

Burger King launched a Pride Whopper program to support the LGBTQ community last month, but the eaters weren’t happy with it.
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“The Equal Buns campaign was carried out by the Burger King Austria team, in an effort to highlight equal rights and equal love – through a play on the traditional Whopper design – which featured two identical buns on two sandwich options,” a BK spokesperson told The Post in June.

They continued: “Burger King Austria also serves as the proud official partner and sponsor of Vienna Pride 2022.”

Customers were not happy with the meal and ran to Twitter to criticize the company’s poor selection of Pride products.

“Burger King Austria made a Pride burger with either two layers or two bottoms…what the hell?” Netflix employee Garrett Wesselman chirp.

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