Cardinals Trade Infielder Edmundo Sosa to Felice

The Velez and the Cardinals announce an agreement for a player sending trade Edmundo Sosa From St. Louis to Philadelphia as a left-handed reliever jojo romero. Ken Rosenthal and Katie Wu from Athletic Sosa trading was first reported in Philadelphia. Derek Gould of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has reported in the past few days that the cards discuss trades involving SOSA and can bring in Paul Dejong Back to the top league list.

The Cards and Phillies enter play on Saturday with a draw for last place from Wild Cards in the National League. It’s rare to see clubs this close to the standings swapping the big leagues, but the teams’ needs are lined up well enough to facilitate a deal. Sosa DeJong overtook the depth chart late last season, taking the lion’s share of short playing time below the span and setting a steady .271/.346/.389 streak on his first long run in the major leagues. However, both players have since been replaced, with the arrival of the highly anticipated player Nolan Gorman In the second rule I paid tommy addiction Cross the bag to the shortstop.

Sosa, who kicked off the bench with a utility capacity, suffered greatly in 2022. Homer has not collected a single in 131 board appearances, reaching only .189/.244/.270 with a 29% strike rate. He was out of the minor league selection years, so the Cardinal had to either keep Sosa on the active roster or make him available to other teams. They initially chose DeJong to keep both players on the 40-man roster, but the latter has had a solid run at Triple-A Memphis recently. DeJong has .249/ .313/ .552 appearing with 17 Homer in 230 board appearances since being picked, and it looks like he will be called upon to back up Gorman, Edman and Utman Brendan Donovan As a player depth up to force.

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Philadelphia has a less powerful group of hackers from St. Louis, which gives them more incentive to keep Sosa on the active roster and hope to rediscover something close to his level in 2021. Count on Phils Bryson Stott And the Didi Gregory In the middle of the field lately, Gregory has struggled for the second year in a row. The expected return of Jean Segura From the list of injured characters to Stott’s response back to Shortstop, it’s worth asking how the Phillies handled the field’s mix at that point. Gregorius could move into the utility role, but his .218/.274/.320 line could jeopardize his roster spot. Philadelphia can also choose the option of either Johan Camargo or Yaero Munozall of them have played sporadically (primarily the spelling Gregory against the left throw) in the utility area capacity.

Sosa is only 26 years old, and can be dominated through the 2026 season. He will likely qualify for this off-season arbitration as a Super Two player, but he won’t be paid an exorbitant salary for a tough offer in choppy playing time this year. The Phillies can keep him for a while as a depth player if they are committed to keeping him on the active roster.

In return, the elephant sent a left-handed arm to St. Louis. Romero has appeared in 25 MLB games over the past three seasons, racking up 7.89 ERAs in 21 2/3 innings. The 25-year-old was prone to running at home in the major leagues, but he averaged about 95 mph in Fastball and got good grades in both the change and tape while he was a potential.

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Romero has missed the greater part of the past two seasons after undergoing Tommy John’s surgery last May, but returned from the injured list two weeks ago. He’s in the second of three seasons, so the cards could move him between St. Louis and Memphis over the next year and a half if he lands his place on the 40-man roster. St. Louis already has Genesis CabreraAnd the Zach ThompsonAnd the Bucky Naughton And the TJ McFarland As left-handed sedatives in the majors, but Romero adds a very difficult piece of depth to the higher levels.

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