Charges against M முller for animal cruelty: The player sells sperm from his horses

A German animal protection soldier and his wife have complained that their horses have been abused

After controversy erupted over Zuma’s mistreatment of cats, another player was involved in a complaint about his animals. about that Thomas Mல்லllerPlayer Bayern Monaco. The Sun reports how the player and his wife Lisa received a report from Animal Welfare. The couple has a farm and the wife regularly attends shows with her horses. “Unfortunately we have bad news. Our favorite horse, the D’AV, will not be available for the next few months. He slipped and fell dramatically to the side as he prepared for breeding season. ., Thomas Mல்லller agreed. But since the warrior and his wife, Lisa, are selling their horses’ sperm, the charge is precisely because of the breeding problem. Precisely due to injury, D’Avie horse sperm can be purchased at a discounted price of 200 instead of 2000 euros. All of this warns of animal safety, which manifests itself in the following words: “It is cruel for those who call themselves horse lovers to force the animals in their care to perform unnatural sexual acts. Under the supervision of Lisa and Thomas Mல்லller, injuries caused by d’Avi are inevitable and unnecessary, “said PETA (German Association) spokeswoman Jana Hoeker.

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