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Off Fabrizio Dragosei

Very young, with some compulsory personnel and untrained front row, often coming from the most remote parts of the country. Former Foreign Minister Kozulin says money allocated to the modernization of the Russian armed forces was “stolen and invested in boats.”

The youngest of those identified so far is eighteen years old. David Arutyunyan, in the Donbass area, was struck and killed by a slingshot. One of the many so-called Russian boys The Putin generation Sent to massacre in Ukraine
According to the evidence often collected in the cities of origin of these inexperienced soldiers.

Some were even drafted
, 12 months Naja in which she can not learn to protect herself from the oppression of “grandparents”. Around Kiev, before Mariupol, many of those fighting in Kharkiv were technically “professionals”, but this meant that at the end of their service year or draft they were forced to sign up to be in the Russian army. However, they had no specific training and immediately ended up in battalions engaged in “maneuvers”, which, according to the Kremlin’s repeat version for several months, never caused an invasion. Instead from one day to the next They found themselves beyond the border to deal with well-trained and certainly well-armed units.

David tried to save a comrade after their armored vehicle collided. It came from Kyokta, just south of Lake Baikal, far from the Mongolian border. Ilya Kubik is 18 years old and hails from Brodsk, Siberia.

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And then The Nineteen years old
TOnatolij Torsunov, From the Perm region; And contemporary Alexei Guzmin, from Magnitogorsk, at the foot of the Urals. Alexei Martinov, like David, is from Buryatia. Dozens and dozens of names are revealed as the bodies return home and the parents arrange the funeral.

They were born when the idea of ​​a democratic and liberal Russia was already in decline. Arose in the ashes of the Soviet Union. The hopes raised by the popular uprising against the leaders of the 1991 coup were extinguished by extreme poverty and the ensuing years. Putin gained prominence in 1999 when Chechen re-elevated Russian pride as prime minister through his campaign against terrorism. “We’ll chase them down the toilet,” he promised. He then leveled Grozny and broke Chechnya.

Russia of these young people is a country with limited freedoms, by definition “democracy led from above”, He was one of the president’s advisers in the early 2000s. A proud and powerful nation on paper but full of rot. Those who avoid military service like Blake because they know everything will happen in the barracks; Children in peacetime are sent to absurd places to live on frivolous food items. Thel Massive modernization of the armed forces at a cost of billions of euros On a large scale it only happened systematically. Former Foreign Minister Andrzej Kozrev explained:Most of the money was stolen and invested in boats parked in Cyprus“.

After all, poor children join the army, coming from the most remote parts of the country And those who have no alternative. How Yegor Boschenko of Belokorsk in eastern Siberia He died the day before he was 19 years old.

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Although the generals are well aware that there are no men in control and therefore not much use by such inexperienced youth, any means are used to increase the number. Those who are officially compelled should not engage in war but should not engage in war Special military action
. But even the Kremlin acknowledged that “there are mistakes.”

Now New forced men are coming, 134,500 Who will take the place of those who are about to take leave. These are where the commands for drawing losses are drawn up. In the end, they say, They are the players who did the Naja for a year. Then efforts are made to list immigrants from Central Asia who do not have jobs in the big cities. Various organizations guarantee Russian citizenship in exchange for three months in the military.

Three hundred young people have already left South Ossetia and returned home after staying in Ukraine. A group of mothers of soldiers after the war in Afghanistan in the 1980s are trying to help families. As the Russians leave bodies on the ground, he often receives news of the fall of the Ukrainians. The rescued end up in somewhat Belarusian mortuaries so as not to create too much alarm in the house.

But for the time being the return of the coffins does not seem to be eroding the confidence of the majority of Russians in the leader. According to independent opinion polls, Putin’s consensus is still at 83%. And many parents say they are proud of their children who are fighting for the sacred homeland: “He died for us. We must continue until we win,” he said on the radio. Deutsche Welle Natalya, the mother of Sergeant Evgeny, was killed in battle for the Hostomal Airport near Kiev.

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