Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow still camped despite being out indefinitely after appendectomy

CINCINNATI – Bengals Quarterback Joe Borough He stays out indefinitely after undergoing an appendectomy at the start of boot camp.

Bengals coach Zack Taylor said he doesn’t have a timetable for Boroughs to return to the field.

“I hate to put a schedule on it,” Taylor said on Friday. “But he’s getting a lot of good mental work now.”

The third-year quarterback and top overall pick in the 2020 Draft has not taken part in any training since the Bengals began training camp last week. But Burrow remains visible and active while preparing for the upcoming season.

Taylor said Burrow takes part in team meetings, even driving some as he did before Friday’s training. When asked if Burrow could be used to refer to playing calls like the Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks Keeler Murray During their camp, Taylor said it wasn’t necessary.

“He was very engaged,” Taylor said. “I don’t think we need that to motivate him. He’s doing a very good job.”

Burrow has been out with the team during two training sessions this week, observing the team’s practice on a medical cart. He drove the medical buggy across the field with the rest of the offense at the end of Thursday’s training as the unit engaged in some light conditioning as a penalty for losing the team’s defense practice.

Taylor said Burrow was very visible to his teammates, even if he wasn’t able to be fully involved during training camp.

“We’re excited to see him around,” Taylor said. “He’s our quarterback.”

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