Complaint by family members of 28-year-old youth

The young woman had severe pain in her neck, but the chiropractor’s massage made it worse due to stroke and cardiac arrest.

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A A nagging pain in the neck He had been stalking her for days and that’s why the 28-year-old Caitlin Jensen I decided to go to a chiropractor to solve the problem. But after the massage, the young woman’s condition worsened and she underwent a stroke and emergency surgery.

Neck pain and massage

The incident took place in mid-June in Georgia, USA. Kaitlin Jensen, a chemistry and biology major, had been suffering from neck pain for several days and had decided to visit a chiropractor. After the massage, something went wrong.

Young woman, according to what we read on the GoFundMe page Contribute to medical expensesIn fact, she was sick and rushed to the hospital, where some tests revealed incredible damage to her neck. Four arteries were, in fact, severed.

Paralysis and condemnation

A poorly performed massage by a chiropractor worsened the medical picture of a 28-year-old man who was later seized. Heart attack and stroke. The young woman was revived, but remained without a heartbeat for more than 10 minutes and suffered irreparable damage.

According to family members, more than a month after the accident, today the girl is paralyzed from the neck down. His condition will be bad. A stroke can cause a traumatic brain injury.

Caitlin is currently conscious and can respond to verbal commands by blinking and moving the toes of her left foot, but the rest of her body remains paralyzed due to the injury.

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