Condominium reduced to fighting: 5-star car flies

Hate at first. It always goes out. It’s a pub hateful, violent and boorish. He always turned against his opponents. It doesn’t show up during TV appearances or many, many videos on social media. And not even when Streaming, now the movement has dwindled from its jacket-and-tie reign to a glittering, hand-in-hand with everyone else. That hatred is revealed only when Krillini speaks From the records, beyond the cameras, locked in assemblies and conventions. Bad words, threats, insults. Tavern Tones, Wafa Day Tones. Everyone comes from there. However, once upon a time, they preached transparency, direct democracy and streaming. Now the foundations built by Gianroberto Casaleggio have collapsed. M5s In fact it reveals what it has always been: a condominium of violent men who are now slaughtering each other.

On that day Pavla Taverna The background of each palace of power is reported. M5s has given her a lot: from Quarticciolo to Vice President of Palazzo Madama. Today we see it as a lamb’s head Dragons. He was one of the hawks who told him to break the count. “Today it is We break, she said succinctly Before breaking the majority agreement. A few hours later, in the Senate bar, some of his people raised their glasses. They toasted the crisis: “We are finally free!”. A week later, it was worse than Draghi Out of line They look like the same 5S. Already devastated by Di Maio’s departure, they are now experiencing an unprecedented crisis. Meetings, assemblies and even hours spent on Zoom are a crisis that cannot be cured.

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Pastoralism against rulers. It’s always like that. However, over the years, very obstacles By Bautista They became silent. Now they raise their heads. Rags and bad words fly, hatred overflows. A senator, Giulia Lupo, jumps up and shouts: “If the mirror can’t spit on you, some of us can…”. Here is a perfect set of M5S’s permanent convention worse than a condominium assembly. Pepe the comedian stays away from it. And Conte Flounders. He puts another immigrant at risk, and he puts it (too) at risk De Mayo He should be met in Parliament. But everything seems to have already been mapped out. “Chosen now, meeting after video ultimatum is futile”Deeny sums it up by bowling the lawyer over in a clutch bag. “Dragyi will not change his mind with this approach”. But those who try to converse are silenced. Pass the traitor. “It’s a Witch Hunt”Governors say. “They use fascist methods”. You know what’s new. It’s always like that. Before this, however, they were “only” used against political opponents and unpopular journalists. Now that the enemy to be killed is within the movement, all hatred towards colleagues must be removed.

The wolf is definitely the restaurant’s weapon of choice But she wasn’t the only one hit hard. Casalino has also made a recent resurgence. On July 1, he boasted about the tears in the front row, in the restaurant: “I read to you, I read to you. I prepared …”. And then there are laborIt plays on his side An everyday occurrenceAnd a world champion named De Bautista, hailing from Russia “Dull Donkeys” and ethics. However, none of them invite 5-star people anymore, a popular site that has been used many times in the past to vote for the movement’s worst turns. A “wafa” well as irony Direct democracy: Four days of meetings and not a single stream. It all boils down to a contentious and violent condominium assembly. And, of all self-esteem meetings, absolutely endless.

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