Cooper Cup Rams delivers again

INglewood, CA – The story we’re told about the Los Angeles Rams is that they “gone everything they could” to win the Super Bowl. They were willing to mortgage their future for it. What defines their team building approach is the fact that they are constantly trading first-round picks for now winning assistants, and risk is damned.

But when they were on the verge of losing the Super Bowl to the Cincinnati Bengals, the man who saved the Rams was the receiver they drafted from Eastern Washington in the third round five years ago. And the man to win was a first-round pick they made in 2014.

cooper cup He had eight assists for 92 yards and two touchdowns to win the Super Bowl MVP, as the Rams came back in the fourth quarter and beat the Bengals on Sunday night. Four of those discoveries, 39 of those yards and one of those touches came over a 15-game distance in the fourth quarter that turned Cincinnati’s 20-16 lead into a 23-20 Rams victory.

He was the driving force behind the Quarterback’s career Matthew Stafford, who had 45 winning campaigns in the game and was himself one of those “all out” moves that Rams made to win this year. Undoubtedly, however, it was Cope who saved them. His biggest game on the drive wasn’t anything fun at all—it was a 7-yard run from his 30-yard line in fourth and one with five minutes left in the game. Los Angeles would almost certainly lose the game if they didn’t get that arena. The Rams couldn’t run the ball all night. So they put it in the hands of the best offensive player, and he succeeded.

“Whatever I’m asked, and whatever my job is going to be in a particular game, in a particular game, I just want to do it to the best of my ability,” Cope said. “We went a little out of the rhythm on that last trip, which lasted [the Bengals] On some area calls, that allowed Matthew and I to find some soft spots there.”

It was the man’s cup that Stafford looked at over and over again, all season when he had to play. What kind of year did Cobb have exactly? Well, he led the NFL in catch counts (145), earned yards (1947) and received touchdowns (16) for the “Triple Crown” wide receiver. He was named the best attacking player of the year. And they crowned with a Super Bowl MVP award. Only one player – Jerry Rice, you may have heard of – has done all three of those things in his career. Cobb just did it in one season.

“You guys hear me talk about ‘competitive greatness’ until I get blue in the face,” Rams coach Sean McVeigh said. “But that was on display tonight.”

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Make no mistake: the rams were in trouble. They had a 13-10 lead in the first half, but it didn’t last long. Quarterback Bengals Joe Borough have found T. Higgins For a 75-yard touch pass in the first half of the second half. Then in the Rams’ first offensive play in the second half, Stafford threw his second interception for the game, and the Bengals turned that into a field goal. Cincinnati, who showed as much solidity as any team in the NFL after the season ended, was suddenly leading 20-13 and was stifling the Rams’ attack with his defensive line.

Los Angeles widely lost Odell Beckham Jr.. (Another “Win Now” truck they made in November after Brown cut him off) due to a knee injury in the second quarter. star wide Robert Woods Discharged since November due to a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. Starting with a Court End Tyler Higby He was inactive due to a knee injury he sustained in an NFC Championship game. The Rams ran for 43 yards on 23 chariots in the game. They went with three goals on three consecutive possessions after the field goal that cut the difference to 20-16. The Rams couldn’t get it to work, and with no other options in the passing game, the Bengals were able to focus all of their attention on Cobb.



Matthew Stafford reaches out to Cooper Cobb for an 11-yard touchdown to color the Rams’ lead.

They made it really difficult,” McVeigh said. “I have a lot of respect for this Bengal defense. Once we fell into distress [red zone] In the area it felt like it was about 60 plays for us so we could finally get that play fade away. Cooper Cobb is the guy.”

“It was tough,” Stafford said. “But he’s an incredible player, and I’m very proud of him.”

Oh, it was tough. The Rams had to outrun the Bengals to win this, and they tightened up in the right spots. Six of the seven sacks of Burrow came in the second half, including two before von miller and two Aaron Donaldwhose pressure from Burrow on a fourth and first-last play for the Bengals helped force an incomplete and seal the Rams’ championship.

Miller was also one of the rams’ winning moves now. They sent their second and third-round picks to the Denver Broncos for him on the trade deadline, and he definitely made a difference. Miller has had nine sacks over the Rams’ last eight games (four regular season games and four postseason games), and Los Angeles has won seven of those games. Miller increased the dash of the pass in a frightening manner, but also gave the Rams’ locker room to a player who had done so before. He was a Super Bowl MVP with a dominant performance against him Cam Newton And the Carolina Panthers just six years ago, a team that they thought was very good were able to rise to great heights with the help of someone with first-hand experience in this particular field.

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But for every impressive new acquisition, the Rams have a key player of their own. Donald was Camus’ 12th pick overall in 2014 at a time when they were still used to picking that high on the tour. The Rams don’t win this Super Bowl without Donald taking charge in the second half.

“Guys like Aaron are the reason you train,” McVeigh said. “He lifted everyone up. I think the epitome of greatness is to make everyone around you, and every situation you’re a part of, better. That’s exactly what Aaron does. He’s a man of art.”

Donald was a first-round pick in 2014. He was a third-round pick in 2017. Taylor RapAnd David Long Jr.. , Greg Gaines …all key defensive players, all 2019 Rams draft picks. Brysen Hopkins, the fourth-rounder in 2020 who had to fill in for injured Higby, had four catches for 47 yards in the Super Bowl. Before Sunday, he had one catch, total, in his NFL career.

So yeah, despite all the talk of “pushing all their chips in,” these rams owe that title to the players who crafted and developed them as much as they do to the players who just appeared. Although they haven’t made a first-round pick since McVeigh got there in 2017 (and don’t have a pick this year either), they’ve made 45 picks in Rounds 2-7, more than any other team in the past five years besides Minnesota. Their current roster contains 29 of their draft picks, a number that ranks in the top ten in the league. Their list-building strategy is much more accurate than “they’re replacing all their choices with veterans”.

What they do is exchange their late first round picks for the guys who can help them now. Usually late in picking the rams in the first round, they won’t get players with scores in the first round anyway. So why not use those choices instead to get Matthew Stafford or a Galen Ramsey To help push you to the top?

“I’m really proud to be associated with a group that isn’t afraid to get shot,” McVeigh said.

But what they don’t tell you about this approach is that your team has to really be good to work. Do you think the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl last year just because they signed Tom Brady, Leonard Fortnite And Antonio Brown? The Bucs already built a strong roster foundation before these guys got there. Heck, that’s the main reason Brady ever goes there.

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By the time they dealt with Stafford last winter, the Rams were already pretty good. They lost the Super Bowl just three years ago, made playoffs in four of McVay’s five years and finished over 0.500 in all of them. They made the move for Stafford because they felt it would take them from very good to championship level, and the results will show that they did.

But Stafford doesn’t make it without Cobb sitting in his passes. Cobb has had 33 assists in four games this post-season, the most in NFL history. After completing the regular season with the second most receiving yards ever, collected the second most receiving yards anyone ever had in a season after the season ended: 478, behind only Larry Fitzgerald. His six catches tied for second place in one season. And his total of 22 games this year, both regular and post-season, is the second-most behind Randy Moss’ 24 in 2007.

Kupp is an emblem of who the rams are and what they were before the “all-in” movements that attracted all the attention. He was injured three years ago and missed his team’s Super Bowl loss to the Rams, but he said Sunday night that he had a vision after that game that he would be at the end of winning the Super Bowl at some point. Sunday, he made that vision a reality.

“I feel like I don’t deserve all these awards and honors,” Cope said. “I am able to play from a place that is free, and I have great teammates around.”

They are all, now, heroes together. Callers who came in for this year, and full-timers like Cope and Donald, who built a strong enough foundation for these movements to come to fruition. These rams may have been the “all out” of the year, but don’t be surprised to see them come back to the top again sometime soon. What McVay & Co. Created. Here in Los Angeles it’s not a flash in the pan. It’s one of the best and most consistent franchises the NFL has right now. And on Sunday night, he became the Super Bowl champion.

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