Damaged ATMs and fake emails

Bad news for post Italy customers who ended up in the cross chair of fraudsters. Let’s go into details and see what happens.

Take care of yours StorageFraudsters are always ready to, unfortunately, be willing to extort money from the unfortunate person on the job with traps that have been scrutinized to the smallest detail.

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We have to keep our wallet on hand to buy various products and services that we know of. So, the circumstances under which we have to pay are different MoneyThe latter often ends in the cross chairs of some villains.

Unfortunately, customers Italian post, Recently caught the eye of some fraudsters. In particular, some misinformation that traps many people on the web is worrying. If all of these are not enough, we always invite you to focus on potentially damaged ATMs. So let’s go into details and see what happens.

WhatsApp, Beware of messages from friends: The trap is in the corner

Post Italian, Saving At Risk: Beware Of Fake Emails

From the beginning Parcel blocked fraud As far as fake shopping vouchers are concerned, there are many fraudulent attempts to overcome the alleged discrepancies in the account, in which we must be careful. Unfortunately, they often end up in the eyes of fraudsters Customers of Poste ItalianeThey will have to deal with different types of traps.

This includes many efforts Fishing, By which the fraudsters are trying to empty the account of the unfortunate person who is on duty. All by sending emails or sms. The latter are informed that there is a risk of not being able to perform certain functions such as payment, withdrawal and top-ups, for example, in order to encourage the recipient to send their data.

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However, in reality, it is easy to imagine, it is not so. In fact, by taking this step one falls into the trap. For this reason, it is always good to remember that Poste Italiane, like other lending institutions, does not send this kind of message. If in doubt, it is a good idea to contact the Italian Post Office Never click suspicious links.

Post Italian, Savings at Risk: Beware of Dilapidated ATMs

In addition to online scams, we invite you to always be on the lookout for scams you may encounter in daily life. In this context, we invite you to be careful when withdrawing money at ATMs. Some fraudsters try to access card data and place electronic devices next to them ATM.

Many strategies are used Mess in ATMs, Such as positioning of card cloning tools associated with the slot used to insert the card. But not only that, even small cameras near the keyboard are turned on, or various types of tools are placed in the slot from which money can be “dropped” in such a way as to come out.

Infps, there are 600 euros for you: the alarm sounds

Unfortunately the situations that occur more often than one might think, are now listed, for which we invite you to pay close attention. In particular, it is advisable before withdrawing at the counter To check No damaged or suspected components. If in doubt, contact the company staff so that appropriate tests can be performed.

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