Dave Dombrowski about Velez needs on Deadline

The Phillies are coming off a horrific weekend, and they’ve been tackled three games at the hands of the uncontested Cubs. This dropped Philadelphia to 49-46, a game behind the Cardinals for a wild card last place in the National League. Having outlasted his opponents 44 times and with a winning mentality now, there is no doubt that Velez will have the motivation to upgrade the roster over the next eight days in a bid to seize the ten-year drought.

Head of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski, spoke about the team’s deadline predictions this evening, noting that the club will look for an addition to the starting rotation (link via Scott Lauber of the Philadelphia Inquirer). This appears to be directly related to the validity (or lack thereof) of the right holder Zach Evelyn, who spent the last month on the list of injured due to another problem in the right knee. The 28-year-old pitcher remains without a clear timeline for recovery, and the Phils front office chief has hinted that uncertainty could prompt them to seek rear help. “I’d love to come back, but I don’t know when,Dombrovsky said about Evelyn. “So I don’t think, from my point of view, that I can say we’re going to wait for that to happen. I don’t think we can just sit here and wait and see what happens.

The Phillies landed on one of the best start-ups in the commercial market last summer, sending out a prospect package focused on Spencer Howard to the Rangers Kyle Gibson (and sincere Ian Kennedy). This year’s market features three high-profile arms, like Gibson at the time, with a season and a half of club control remaining: Luis CastilloAnd the Frankie Montas And the Tyler Mahley. Given the organization’s urgency to compete after a string of disappointing seasons and Dombrowski’s reputation for bold action, one can only imagine the Phillies in the market for this top trio. However, Dombrowski noted that the Fels were reluctant to deal from the top of their farming system this summer.

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In every position, there are outstanding people, and there are others who can be usefulHe said (via Lauber). “Well, high-end people will probably cost you top leads. I don’t think, as an organization, that we’re in that position right now. I just don’t think we’re there.“Phils had four players – they use the right hand Andrew PinterAnd the Mick Appel And the Griff McGarry and holder Logan Ohbe In American baseball the most recent Update Top 100 Potential Clients. The painter was the only member of that group to score in the top 50.

For any team to have access to Castillo, Montas or Mahle, they will definitely have to deal with at least one top-tier player in their system. Dombrowski’s comments seem to suggest that the Phils could look to the market for starters and/or pitchers who are free agents and chicago, but as MLBTR’s Darragh McDonald explored last week, a large portion of that group has either collapsed recently or comes up with some questions about its availability in the trade. Dombrowski suggested that the asking price even for players has remained high in discussions with teams so far, although he has seen selling clubs will reduce their demands as the August 2 trading deadline approaches.

Away from the spin, Phils had longstanding issues on the center field and in the Bullpen. as such Matt Gelb the athlete Explores in more detail, the menu points of Odúbel Herrera wow Juris Familia It could be in danger if Phils can find upgrades in those situations. Herrera, who was re-signed on a $1.75 million guarantee during spring training after the club rejected the more expensive team option, only made .240/.280/.389 through 186 board appearances. Herrera, Matt Ferling And the Mickey Monyak Struggle again, carry the Fels worst league .202 / .254 / .296 appears off the field in play Monday night.

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Gelb wrote that Velez would like to add a left-footed hitter capable of playing midfield, but that the number of reachable players who fit this profile is limited. 26 Left-handed or Switch hitters took at least 50 panels appear As a central player this season. The vast majority either come with extended windows for remaining club control, playing for teams that are currently in the midst of a playoff race and/or experiencing their own dismal seasons. Meditatively speaking, the Cubs Rafael Ortega (owner of the .232/.327/.348 font through 265 board appearances) may offer the best combination of decent 2022 production and affordability at the lowest possible cost.

Meanwhile, the Bullpen was a mid-size group in the year. They’ve been excellent lately after a disappointing start, posting 2.69 ERAs over the past 30 days. However, given Phils’ longstanding relief issues, Dombrowski and his staff have been exploring ways to add another arm to the mix. Familia, who signed a $6 million deal over the holiday season, has recently continued to struggle and owns a 4.83 ERA/3.81 SIERA across 31 2/3 tires on the season.

There are two areas that the Phillies do not look like they will need to address via the trade and they are the second base and the designated corner/hitter field. They were without it Jean Segura And the Bryce Harper due to finger fractures, but both players are progressing well in their recovery. Segura is set to begin the rehab mission with Triple-A Lehigh Valley tomorrow, and Todd Zoelecki of MLB.com He writes that the second base captain hopes to be back on the big league roster by the time the club starts August 4th against the Nationals. This will be a comeback ahead of schedule for Segura, who was expected to miss 10-12 weeks after undergoing surgery in early June.

Harper is late, after sustaining his injury in late June, but told reporters he hopes to have the staples removed from his surgically repaired thumb next week. The NL MVP Governor reiterated that he fully expects to play again this season, and Dombrowski (via Lauber) noted that Harper’s injury “Not one of those that are there [going to be] Long enough that you can go out and trade for someone to take that position. Harper was limited to DH duty before breaking his thumb due to a partial tear in his elbow that left him unable to throw. He admitted he would have to undergo a throwing program and expressed some hope that he could be back on the field before the end of the year. Even if Harper will be limited to Only bat tasks, the phils will be delighted Nick Castellanos And the Kyle Schwarber In the outer corner if that means bringing Harper back into the squad for the final month of the season is a plus.

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Practically every winning executive will now face some questions about the game’s most popular commercial candidate over the next week. However, between the abundance of corner kicks and the stated reluctance to engage with the young, top-tier talent, Velez would have had a difficult bout in the Juan Soto Bidding even if citizens make it available to competitors within the department. Dombrowski did not address Soto directly, but he more or less dropped any speculation about this possibility. When asked if they would consider adding ‘generational talent’, Dombrowski replied:I don’t know we swim in this market. I love the stars. I always have. I’ve got a lot of them. I know [owner] John Middleton loves it. But we have some stars. I think the problem we faced was the depth of talent in our organization. To strip our talent in depth to add generational talent, I don’t know that’s where we sit at this point.

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