“Death penalty for British war crime”

Government Russian It has allocated 970 million rubles ($ 17 million) to distribute national flags and emblems to thousands of rural schools as part of a patriotic education program. Worse, as the Moscow Times points out, 5,500 companies do not even have toilets. And this War To doUkraine Hosted by the Kremlin: Internal propaganda and pressure on the battlefield. Despite Kiev’s strong opposition, it is declining: it is weakening on many fronts. Donbass Gives way and players have almost no ammunition. “We are losing,” admitted Vadim Skipitsky, deputy head of Ukrainian military intelligence.

Kiev now relies solely on Western weapons to oppose Russia. “It’s an artillery battle – Skipitsky explains in an interview with the Guardian. Now everything is conditional on what the West has to offer us. The first responders were France and Great Britain. Discussed sending “new weapons. A” common goal: to allow Ukraine to liberate itself from illegal Russian occupation. ”

The diplomatic settlement is the culmination of verbal conflicts, says Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Moscow “who is open to negotiations, but Tango needs two, while our Western partners so far only play break-dance.” It calls for the execution of three soldiers (two British and one Moroccan): “Investigations were carried out in accordance with the laws of the Donetsk People’s Republic because the crimes in question were committed in that region”.

Ravina Shamdasani, a spokeswoman for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Rights, said: “Since 2015 we have noticed that such trials on prisoners of war are tantamount to war crimes and that the judiciary of these self-styled republics does not respect essential guarantees. A fair process. Enemy forces tried to launch offensive in the direction of the Nyrkove and Mykolaivka settlements, but the Kiev army retaliated, forcing them to withdraw with casualties, “he said in a daily statement.

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President Zhelensky warns that despite the difficulties on the ground, life will not be easy for the Russians: “Sevorodonetsk, Lyczynsk and other cities of Donbass, which the occupiers now consider their primary objectives, are still standing.” According to Sergei Guido, head of the Lukansk Regional Military Administration, Moscow aims to capture the entire region by June 12, Russia’s Day.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is preparing the “foundation for the annexation” of the Kherson region to the Russian Federation, “waiting for the right moment to do so”, assures Michael Carpenter, USC representative to OSCE. The integration of “it allows the connection between Crimea and the Donbass” could take place with a request to Moscow for a referendum or pro-Russian elements. Gerson is the “laboratory” of the attempt to absorb Ukraine into Russia. With violence: 600 people in the region are “detained in special cellars that act as torture chambers and are located in the region’s administrative building or school number 17”. The Internet was ruined, the ruble was introduced, and schools adopted Russian programs. Those who try to raise their heads are arrested, interrogated and subjected to torture. His fate was deportation to Russia or death.

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