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One day you get a kilometer and the next day you lose it: we are in the middle of a treacherous war. The Russians advanced at a slow but steady pace in Donbass, but the situation changed abruptly. Some experts talk about a climax

We are in the middle of a war of grief: One day you gain a kilometer and the next day you lose it. The Russians advanced at a slow but steady pace in Donbass, correcting part of the errors that had prevented them in the first phase, at least until Friday, which they seem to have taken. Good part of Chevroletonetsk. However, by Saturday morning, the situation had changed significantly: Ukrainians launch counterattacks and claim to have recaptured part of the industrial city.

Invader progress has been drastically reduced Here and elsewhere. Fierce street fighting may have limited Moscow’s firepower: in the open it can be disastrous, but reducing the distance could cause more intrigue for Ukrainians. Further Defenders are in high positions So they have a point in their favor. Separatist sources say Ukrainians will also hire foreign volunteersWell-trained, other viewers talk about serious losses Among the Chechens And Wagner Company. However, it is essential that the guards keep the supply route open so that they can ignite their action.

Elastic dynamics has provoked many explanations. American expert Trent Telenko came to speculate that the army had reached The peak point, the limit of one’s abilitiesAnd now the attack must be stopped: if the Ukrainians recapture the Chevrolet Donetsk territory where Moscow stationed 25 tactical battalions – Although lost more than one thought – Then, he says, At your fingertips across the country. Two days ago, the governor of the region Sergei Kaidoi said that the Russians now have 70% of the city in their hands, but that number has already dropped to 50% by night between Fridays and Saturdays.

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Own Be aware of the type of conflict that is going on, In advance of claiming that there is a positive twist in favor of Kiev. Many assurances have been questioned since the beginning of the invasion: obtaining an accurate picture is often not easy. The news is mixed with propaganda and confusing signals. For a couple of weeks, President Zhelensky changed the story He warned that the situation in the region was dire and that his troops would lose 60 to 100 men a day, counting hundreds of wounded. Soldiers parked in the defense of Chevroletonetsk stood with their backs to the wallSo much for the governor Kaidai suggested a tactical retreat.

In short, the fall seemed to be approaching now. Even British intelligence – always confident in its pro-Kiev bulletins – warned that the entire Lukansk region, already 90% Russian-owned, would be captured by mid-June: after the Chevroletonets, Liszkansk is not the only city near MoscowOn the other side of the river Shivarsky Donets should have full control of the area.

Instead, Alexei Arostovich, an adviser to the president, wrote that it was a trap: The Ukrainian army is said to have retreated and dragged the occupiers into populated areas.. He argues that the move would have displaced Russian civil servants, who now face a more dangerous mission. Presidential adviser says Ukraine’s defenders are disbanding their Russian comrades, which separates reality and propaganda. On the other hand Moscow Answer: We have opened important gaps in the enemy ranksUp to 90% in some units.

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It is not possible to establish at this time who is telling the truth. However, of course, The fight highlights the strategic and symbolic importance of the city: If the Russians take it, they will be closer Release of Donbass Promise from the novel; If the Ukrainians chase the enemyInstead it will be a success that pays even more Discipline and courage.

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