Djokovic detained at Melbourne Park Hotel – Tennis

Novak Djokovic returns to custody at the Park Hotel in Melbourne His case is awaiting trial on Sunday morning (Saturday night in Italy) by an Australian federal court. CNN News has published. After leaving his lawyer’s office on Saturday afternoon Australian time, he arrived at the Tennis No. 1 hotel in a white van, which was also used as a refugee detention facility. Yesterday morning, the Australian Immigration Ministry canceled Djokovic’s visa for the second time, suspending him in Melbourne for attending the Australian Open scheduled for Monday.

According to the Australian government, being the world number one non-vaccinated world tennis player in Australia “promotes anti-vaccine sentiment”. Australian authorities have filed a lawsuit against the judge, demanding that the Serbs be deported.

Djokovic’s case will be heard by a full three – judge federal court on Sunday at 9:30 am (11:30 pm in Italy), which is unlikely to challenge any decision.

The Australian Open is more important than any player. These are the words of Rafa Nadal commenting on the situation of Novak Djokovic, whose appeal against his expulsion from Australia is pending. “The Australian Open will be the best Australian Open with or without him,” the Spaniard concluded.

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