Djokovic is in Australia, but it is not over. Here’s what happens – sports – tennis

Rome, 10 January 2022 – Case Djokovic, Or rather, soap opera Djokovic. Australia’s federal court overturns Commonwealth decision to revoke Serbian tennis player’s visa. It also ruled that the government must pay the legal fees. It’s a Serbian tennis player Returned the passport Makes him possible Participation in the Australian Open, which starts on Monday the 17th.

Djokovic, Australian government: “He can not enter the country. He has not been vaccinated.”

Djokovic, lawyers: “That’s why the Govt vaccine is excluded.”

Nearby Dad Djokovic, Srdjan, told the Serbian media that he was his son Was re-arrested In Australia. The public prosecutor immediately warned Minister of Immigration He may still decide to kick him out.

But the Australian newspaper The Age, which also cites federal government sources, Denied the message. And Immigration Minister Alex Hawk will not decide whether to revoke Djokovic’s visa, and within 4 hours he will theoretically use his powers under the Migration Act to expel the soldier without going to court. The government writing The Age has decided not to make the decision within the Australian evening, viz Djokovic is free to leave. This time.

What happened

The Australian government agreed this morning Djokovic was not given enough time After informing him of the intent to cancel his visa, sufficient evidence must be submitted. However, Minister Immigration, Alex Hawk, could be Interfere personally And decided to cancel the visa for yet other reasons. So it can happen: the case can go back to court.

Judge Kelly overturned the government’s decision, saying “Very worried If the Minister uses his personal choice to revoke the visa again “the Serbian tennis player has been expelled from Australia. The Minister decided not to.

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Nadal: Now you play

Nadal also returned to express himself in the Djokovic case. “It simply came to our notice then Djokovic plays in the Australian OpenJustice said, “By ordering him to be released from the detention center where he was staying in the country. This is the opinion of the Spanish champion.” In some respects I may or may not agree with Djokovic – he adds. On Spanish radio Onda Cerro – Justice spoke, “I think this is the right thing for anyone who wants to enter Australia, the world No. 1, but has not been vaccinated against Govt.

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