Doctor Strange 2 reveals the best new look of Patrick Stewart’s X-Men in a wheelchair

Like Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Coming on the horizon with its release date, anticipation begins to build to a fever pitch. The new ad has shown New moments from Wanda Maximoff Elizabeth Olsen While other reports bothered again How will this movie connect with other projects in theaters and on Disney +. And of course, even that still leaves an elephant in the shape of Patrick Stewart in the room to talk.

since then Marvel Studios has delivered a Super Bowl trailer for Dr. Gharib 2Patrick Stewart’s Professor X has been one of the most consistent topics of conversation regarding this movie’s impact on the MCU. Stewart even commented on the footage multiple times, Even denying seeing it at all at firstalthough He expressed his happiness to be back in a new version of the role With Marvel Studios.


With the lead X-Men character being a major reveal in this incredible story, Marvel has been waiting to share a full look at what Stewart would look like On his return, and for good reason at that. Now, while his full imagery remains under wraps, a recent theatrical moment has given fans their best look yet at this iconic hero.

A new look at Patrick Stewart in Doctor Strange 2

GCV Youtube The channel has shared an extensive look at the TV spot of Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessincluding a new look at Professor X by Patrick Stewart.

Marvel Studios

This comes from a ScreenX format theater, which expands the shot to either side of the base movie.


Dr. Strange, Professor X wheelchair
Marvel Studios

Specifically, this shot provides the best look yet at Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier on his first appearance inside the MCU.

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The entire back of his head is visible through the extended screens, although it still looks blurry in the shot. Fans can now also see the headgear of what appears to be a yellow wheelchair he is sitting on.

Dr. Strange, Professor X wheelchair
Marvel Studios

In the comics, Professor X is often seen riding a yellow chair, a color and design not fully adapted by 20th Century Fox’s Marvel’s X-Men movies. Here is a picture of the chair from X-Men #4 (1991):


Professor X yellow wheelchair
Marvel Comics

The full video with extended footage can be viewed below:

Doctor Strange trailer shows a full wheelchair

While Professor X is undoubtedly a powerful player in his own right, he is instantly recognizable thanks to the classic wheelchair and wheelchair he flaunts in the comics and movies. Now that fans can see the back of this chair in this new trailer, it’s only working to push the excitement of its return to even greater heights.


Marvel Studios has made it more comical than ever before to deliver accurate comic visuals to the MCU during Phase 4. Recently, this was seen with Peter Parker’s new suit Spider-Man: There is no room for homeThe Vincent D’Onofrio’s Hawaiian shirt for Kingpin at hookand even Falligar the Behemoth in The newly released trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder.

These photos in the new trailer can prove it Marvel brings the same comic accuracy again With a character that fans have wanted in the MCU for a long time.

Of course, this is the closest thing anyone can get to a complete look at Professor Stewart X until the movie’s full appearance. Marvel Studios and its team do just that All they can to avoid discussing the topicAnd After all that came There is no place for homeWith its amazing performances, this movie can outperform those three.

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Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It will debut in theaters on May 6.

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