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from Guido Sandevecchi

The Chinese were the first to comment on the call, and the White House waited three hours for its statement. Nancy Pelosi is never mentioned, but there is a shadow of her possible visit to Taiwan

They talked to Joe Biden and 2 hours and 17 minutes Xi Jinping, in their fifth presidential video conference. They never shook hands in almost two years (due to the social and political alienation observed by Siyal). The virtual summit lasted 25 minutes longer than the previous one held in March, the main theme was the Chinese approach to the war in Ukraine. Yesterday, there was a hot file Speaker of the House on Taiwan and political travel Nancy Pelosi

He wants to do it on the democratic island in August and Beijing wants to prevent it at all costs.

The Chinese were the first to circulate a summary of the interview: the two presidents agreed to stay in touch. But Ji’s words were harsh: The Taiwan question is clear: both sides of the strait belong to China, which will not accommodate independent forces.. Xi did not directly address Ms. Pelosi’s work, but concluded: He who plays with fire dies in the flames, and I hope the Americans understand this well (there is always a fire in Chinese commentary on Taiwan and external interference).

Biden, apparently surprised, noted that in our military’s opinion, the visit was not a good idea. The White House worried that landing a belligerent Nancy Pelosi in Taipei at this time would not benefit the Chinese. And risk a collision to protect it. The president has no way to stop the trip, but he wants it postponed. Yesterday he assured Xi that US policy on Taiwan had not changed; The US strongly opposes any attempt to change the status quo or undermine peace and stability in the Straits. The White House brief seeks common cause to keep a dialogue open and points it to climate change and health care. Classic but obscure themes.

The White House is not looking for breakthroughs from this confrontation with Beijing; He did not expect favors from Ji. Biden’s goal is to create a safety net that avoids an open confrontation between the United States and China over several geopolitical disputes. The President aims to keep the lines of communication open. Of this, yesterday’s video marathon, an additional 25-minute interview with Xi, may be a positive sign.

Washington analysts believe Xi’s domestic political problems weigh heavily on his threatening stance. They note that the Chinese reaction to the hypothesis of unequal political access to Taiwan was dictated by a desire to open an external front to reduce domestic pressure.

China’s economy has slowed dramatically: The target of 5.5% growth is now unachievable and has been abandoned. The Politburo has recently announced that it will fight to stabilize employment and prices. As developers ran out of credit, thousands of middle-class citizens openly defaulted on mortgage payments on unfinished apartments. Thousands of other savers took to the streets to retrieve their frozen money from four distressed banks: authorities tried to intimidate them with the help of thugs.

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The Taiwan crisis in Xi’s hands could be a distraction for party comrades and public opinion.

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