Drake, Macron and Scholes in Kiev from Zhelensky. Arrival in Irbine – Europe

Mario DragonsOlaf Scholes And Emmanuel Macron In Kiev For their first visit Ukraine Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24. The three European leaders met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr at the Presidential Palace Zhelensky. “Busy day, important meetings. Nice to meet with President Macron, President Sholes, Prime Minister Troki and President Ayohanis in Kiev. We appreciate your solidarity with our country and people”: the President of Ukraine posted photos on his Telegram channel. Meeting with EU leaders.

Meanwhile, Zelensky accepted Germany’s invitation to participate in the next G7, announced by German Chancellor Scholz.

Press conference

“The most important news of our visit is that Italy wants Ukraine to join the European Union, it wants to gain candidate status and support this position in the next Council of Europe. Zhelensky knows that this is not just a step, but a way to go.” Said at a press conference in Kiev with the leaders. “In Irfin I felt horror and hope, I felt hope for reconstruction and the future. We are here today to help Ukraine rebuild its future.” “We want peace, but Ukraine must defend itself, Ukraine must choose the peace it wants, it considers it acceptable to its people. Only in this way can it be a lasting peace,” he said. “There are two weeks to clear the ports. The harvest will come at the end of September. And the emergency deadline will inevitably bring us closer to the play. We must urgently build safe corridors for safe transportation of grain. “The UN resolution is the only way to regulate navigation in the Black Sea, and Russia has so far rejected it,” Drake added. “We do not hesitate to condemn the atrocities committed by Russia in this war. We fully support the war crimes investigation by the Russians.”

“We are here to bring unconditional support to the Ukrainian people. They are the people who overcame the Russian occupation and created an army to live freely. And Europe must have the same courage that Zhelensky had,” Troki added. “The European Union today has shown and demonstrates an extraordinary solidarity in supporting Ukraine. Governments, parliaments and citizens have done so. I would like to recall the great solidarity shown by Italians and all Europeans in welcoming those who fled the bombings. Today is a historic day for Europe,” Drake added. The visit, along with a number of European leaders who have been in Kiev in recent weeks, he said, would undoubtedly reaffirm our support for “Europe and our allies.”

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“Dear friends, we appreciate you being with us today ahead of all of us and important international events for Europe. I am very grateful to have begun to visit Irbine to see what the Russian invaders did. Unity is our strength”: Zhelensky Speaking at a press conference with EU leaders in Kiev in Ukraine about Ukraine’s need for “heavy and modern weapons”: “We need help. Every weapon saved human lives. “We must come to a common ground in support of our integration into the EU. Candidate status for Ukraine can strengthen independence in Europe and become the most important end of the third decade of the 21st century. The EU is not a step, but a path to be taken. To become “. “Today I hope Macron and his other colleagues Draghi, Scholz and Iohannis have all come here to openly support the candidacy – Zelensky said – the Chancellor stressed that it all depends on the general outcome, so I believe 27 are talented, but here are 4 major EU countries. Are on our side.This is a historic decision.

“We are not at war with the Russian people as a whole, we are in constant talks with the Russian leader, but we have always told Zhelensky that the means of peace will be determined only by Ukraine and their representatives. France and Germany will never do that. Negotiate with Russia behind Ukraine,” said French President Emmanuel Macron. . Speaking to Moscow, he said, “As European forces (and as a member of the UN General Assembly in France) we are bringing our needs, but we will never negotiate for him.” “Ukraine is a part of Europe. This war will change the history of Europe. In this perspective we are with Ukraine. Tomorrow the Commission will decide the structure and the next Council of Europe will take some action. Decisions. We will form a consensus of 27. Macron concluded his speech by saying in Ukrainian: “Slava Ukraine”, glory to Ukraine.

“We have come to send a message of European solidarity to all Ukrainian citizens. The next few weeks will be very difficult because of a message of support,” the French president said as he alighted from the train that took him from Poland to Kiev. A place of massacre. “

During the arrival of the three leaders, air strike warning sirens sounded in the Ukrainian capital, at which time they were at a hotel in the center during the break for a visit. Sirens have been sounding almost daily in Kiev since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The alarm went off after about thirty minutes.

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Words of the Dragons
On wheat procurement and distribution, Prime Minister Mario Tragi said in Kiev that “this deadline is approaching and the tragedy of the global famine that has accumulated in poor countries, especially in Africa, is approaching.” Italian newspaper. “Today there is no demand from Zhelensky for new weapons. He described the situation, which is becoming more complicated. As the ammunition in the Soviet arsenal has run out, new weapons need training. Various NATO countries are training for this, but it will take time.” “We have reached 52% gas storage capacity, which makes us much calmer now and in the winter,” he added. The reasons for the cuts in gas supply are, “to some extent affecting all European countries, we are told that the technology is linked to maintenance parts that do not come due to sanctions, but like Germany we believe it is a lie: in fact there is a political use of gas and wheat.” The conditions laid down by the Ukrainians today – This is a precedent for initiating peace talks on the Ukrainian side. Currently there is no margin, but an attitude has changed a lot. In recent weeks “, more and more other countries have said they want to help find peace. There is a global diplomatic effort that did not take place a month ago. “

Macron, Drake and Scholes also went In Irbine “At the scene of the killings,” said the French president. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi stands in front of bombed buildings in Irfin: “The world is on your side“, He told local authorities. Obtained by Draghi Irbin Oleh Bondar and Oleksiy Kuleba, head of the Kiev regional military administration. Here are the Russians who destroyed the kindergarten and kindergarten. Everything will be rebuilt. They have already begun. They are already at a very advanced level, “Draghi told reporters on the sidelines of Irbine’s visit. . “We need to look at all this and know. “I’m grateful for the testimony.” Unfortunately there have been massacres in Pucha and other cities that are war crimes, “Macron said.” Ukraine needs more effective defense weapons to defend against Russian invasion. He greeted. The “heroism” of the Ukrainians. “We need to win the war against Ukraine,” Macron said.

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In an interview with the Bild newspaper, President Scholes promised to help Ukraine “as needed”. During this visit to Kiev – he said – “We do not only want to show our solidarity, but also ensure that the assistance we organize continues in terms of financial, humanitarian, but also weapons”. “We will continue to fight for the independence of Ukraine as long as necessary.”

The Kremlin defines Western arms supplies as “ineffective”, while three European leaders, Tragi, Macron and Scholes, are in Kiev to discuss the need for new weapons to support Ukraine’s support for Ukraine’s invasion of Russia.

On the Ukrainian train that took him to Kiev, the three European leaders met for about two hours: shortly after the departure of the convoy last night, they met in a carriage in anticipation of a meeting with Zhelensky. The purpose of the visit is to bring the message of “unity and full unity of the European Union” in condemning Russia and aiding Ukraine.

Today’s visit is not only symbolic, but also politically important, considering what we will decide next week on Ukraine’s candidacy, said Roberto Metzola, Speaker of the European Parliament. Press conference from Prague. Metzola explained in Prague during the Czech president’s visit that “there are always many steps in the process of joining” but “if we close the door on these brave people we will deceive not only the Ukrainians, but ourselves and our union.” European union.

This is a task Charged with political and identity value: The leaders of the three major EU countries all together, face to face with Volodymyr Zhelensky. Prove European validity, and mark a line that is not identical to the Americans. Prior to the mission, Elysee’s leader eased Washington’s stubbornness on the Kremlin: “The Ukrainian president and his officials must negotiate with Russia – underlined by Romania – we will do everything we can to stop Russian forces and assist the Ukrainians and their military. The Russian military continues to gain ground by intensifying firing on the Donbass, while the Ukrainians are desperately defending themselves, but increasingly exhausted and expecting more support from European allies.

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