Elon Musk provides his response to the “What is a Woman?” review.

Elon Musk He noted the paradox of radical gender thought on Saturday following the release of The Daily Wire’s new documentary.What is a woman?

The world’s richest man said in response to the review of the groundbreaking film: “At the same time we are told that there are no gender differences and that the sexes are so different that irreversible surgery is the only option.” “Perhaps someone wiser than me can explain this split.”

What is a woman?Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh’s quest to understand left-wing gender theory is underlined by asking one simple question to leading medical professionals, activists, and lawmakers. Despite his well-intentioned efforts to sit down with the ideologues, Walsh has repeatedly faced personal perversions and accusations.

Indeed, Walsh reported to Musk that his efforts to challenge gender theorists to their assumptions were ultimately futile. “I spoke to the ‘wise men’ in the movie and it turns out they can’t explain anything at all,” Walsh said.

In the documentary, Walsh also interviews clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, theologian Carl Truman, and several women who have been forced to compete against biological men in sports — including fellow transgender swimmer Leah Thomas. At one point, Walsh travels halfway across the world to get answers from the Maasai people of Kenya—who, despite not being exposed to undergraduate gender studies, seem to have a better grip on biology than many Americans brandishing a Ph.D.

In line with those Walsh interviewed, the Progressives did not respond well to “What is a woman? Following its release.

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In a successful article on Friday, Rolling Stone claimed the movie was “transphobic” and criticized social media companies for allowing the Daily Wire to run ads to promote it. After the article was published, Walsh Taking the wind from the sails of Rolling Stone By showing that The Daily Wire invited the author of the article, Moises Mendez II, to watch the documentary earlier this week. Mendes watched 0% of the movie before it came to an end – and closed his Twitter account after Walsh called him out.

“I’d like to explain to Rolling Stone how they came to these painful conclusions despite not having seen the movie,” Walsh asked. Do they get used to reviewing movies without watching them? How many other reviews have been written this way? Or is it my first? If so, why?”

Last week, The Daily Wire invited many critics to see the film – but many responded Profanity and accusations From “transgender” bigotry.

“Unsubscribe. Check my email. Forgot my name,” one moaned.

“Hard to pass. I won’t give this transgender fanatic a platform on my site,” another shouted. “Never write to me again!”

“no. He’s a fanatic and you should be ashamed of being associated with him,” third instrumentalist. “Have a nice week-end!”

“Yes, I don’t review a movie for a fanatic,” another slammed.

On the evening of the film’s premiere, The Daily Wire I was attacked by a cyber attack Unknown hackers flooded the site with a million requests per minute – preventing actual users from watching the movie.

“It’s America’s Most Important Documentary.” DailyWire Honorary Editor Ben Shapiro He said. “That’s why so many people want to stop you from seeing him. Go to whatisawoman.com Now and sign up to help us continue to produce the kinds of content that explodes the wake-up agenda.”

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Check out the Daily Wire’s groundbreaking documentary “What is a Woman?” over here.

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