“Environmental disaster feared”

The ship was stranded due to sea rage. Local court spokesman: “No fuel leaks”

Accident –

The ship, carrying 750,000 tons of diesel, sank off the coast of Caps. An Xelo oil tanker flying the flag of Equatorial Guinea from Egypt to Malta has been asked to enter Tunisian waters due to inclement weather. The crew initially obtained permission to disembark from Tunisian authorities, but seawater had already submerged the ship’s engine compartment to a height of two meters, so the entire crew was evacuated. Tunisian authorities immediately implemented an emergency plan to avert an environmental catastrophe for the entire region.

Anti-pollution barriers installed –

Chikhaoui later explained that “the installation of anti-pollution barriers around the sinking area, the planned pumping of fuel oil and the testing of the surface by various individuals. We hope that the current mechanisms will allow it to control it. Hull.”

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