“EU leader pale American presence, not Draghi Berlusconi”

Western Leaders Pale American Presence –

“The problem of the degeneration of European politics – connected with the fact that it has become the pale object of American sovereignty above all else. Charles de Gaulle can oppose any American president. Now no Europeans will shake hands.” Future. They are limited only by their clear electoral goals. “

“For a long time – Medvedev says – I’m been in contact with foreign leaders, and I can see how the status of Western politicians has diminished. This has happened before my eyes in the last twenty years. Obviously, there are no politicians like Helmut in Europe. , Although these are sometimes not so-called pro-Russian, and strong politicians have never been Russobops, the question is completely different, he concludes, “which creates problems not only for the West, but for us and for Russia.” The efficiency of politicians is inevitably declining. As Vladimir Putin rightly observed, ‘After the death of Mahatma Gandhi, no more. There is no one to talk to.

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