Eunice storm over Great Britain, winds of 200 km / h over the Isle of Wight: a record

Five people have died in Europe. At least 5 people have been killed in Eunice in Europe. Scotland Yard reports that a 30-year-old woman was killed when a tree fell on her car in the wind in the northern suburbs of Harringley. Another, 50, died in the Netherlands, not far from Liverpool, when his car collided with the windshield. There have been earlier reports of deaths of one person in Ireland, about 130 kilometers from Dublin, and two more in the Netherlands, caused by Eunice in similar circumstances.

Traffic chaos – Traffic chaos continues, with about 400 flights canceled at British airports alone (20% of the total Heathrow at London’s airports) and forced to experience multiple delays or repeated breathtaking landing maneuvers. As a precautionary measure local trains in Wales have been completely halted, with consequences for rail and road transport on the island. The port of Dover on the English Channel has suspended its operations for a few hours as a precautionary measure.

Local officials have warned people that this is likely to happen Interruptions in the electrical network: “Make sure you have other light sources and alternative sources of heating.”

Threat to London and Wales – Millions of people in the UK are being told to stay home and prepare for “one of the worst storms in ten years”. The Meteorological Office has issued a second rare red weather warning for London and the south and southeast and east coasts of the UK. Warning that debris affecting parts of southwest England and South Wales poses a life-threatening risk. Hundreds of schools have been closed and all trains in Wales have been suspended.

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Younis After Hurricane Dudley hit Scotland, northern England and parts of northern Ireland, the second hurricane to hit the UK in a week left thousands of homes without electricity.

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