Eurojackpot Winning Numbers / Today 14 January 2022 (conc 2/2022) Draw

I Success numbers Of the new competition Eurojackpot Today, Friday 14th January, is available for review. So, we’re entering the most sophisticated phase of the year, combining a large number of competitors from 18 European countries with a single objective called “5 + 2”. Was it a lucky night? To find out if you need to take a deep breath, take your ticket in your hand and compare whether the figures on it match the ones at the bottom of this page.

In addition to this very important function, you can, as always, decide to carry out the most important cross-examination by various methods. There are many channels that allow you to confirm the lucky numbers now drawn through SisalTV or the official Game App. Alternatively, you can link to the Eurojackpot website, check on the Agipronews portal or, finally, make reservations for a while on the trusted website of the Customs and Monopoly Agency. Good luck! (Updated by Emanuela Longo)

Eurojackpot, Drawing Numbers Today 14 January 2022

Winning Combination

15 – 41 – 9 – 44 – 27


4 – 2

(I Eurojackpot winning numbers Published on the official website of the state monopolies, We disclaim all responsibility for any errors in sending the winning numbers of the competition, and invite you to check directly on the monopoly website. And / or recipients)

Eurojackpot, new extraction: How did it happen 7 days ago?

Exactly seven days after the first appointment of the year is completed, the Eurojackot competition Today, Friday 14th January 2022 in the evening, this is the second round of January. In it a large number of competitors from all over Europe will challenge the blind goddess and try to get the most guaranteed prize with “5 + 2”. Before finding out how it is possible to test our luck, it is impossible not to look at the results of the last match.

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Friday Draw Not particularly lucky at last. As revealed by AgipronewsIn fact, no competitor has been able to beat all the figures that lead to successful admission and this is a primary result of the jackpot’s growth reaching மில்லியன் 34 million. However, after last week’s last draw, five players celebrated hitting “5 + 1”, taking home more than 390,000 euros worth of nest eggs each. The biggest hits came in two in Germany and the others in Hungary, Norway and Denmark. In the evening, the seven “5 + 0” each hit 98,397 euros.

Eurojackpot: How to play? The Straight

There is no weekend without the new competition first Eurojackpot It will launch early in the weekend. Many believe they can celebrate maximum success this Friday with “5 + 2” being in a reputable jackpot shop. Playing in Eurojackpot is very simple because you have to place 5 numbers out of 50 and 2 out of 10 Euros on your ticket for 2 euros per game. The winning categories are 12, so this allows you to access one of the many prizes available. Although the wait may be a bit high every Friday evening, the draw is scheduled for 8.00pm.

Do not worry though, because in the meantime we can allocate enough space for the main rules of the game, which can take place in regular bodybuilding stores or alternatively after opening your own gaming account online or through the official Eurojackpot app. . You can also participate by playing integrated systems and reduced integrated systems, thus increasing your chances of winning and you can subscribe to up to five consecutive tournaments.

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