Europe imports coal from Russia to reduce Russian gas consumption: loads to Germany, UK and Latvia in recent days

How we reduce Pro From Russian gas? By importing coal from Russia. As he writes Bloomberg, Europe plans to cut gas emissions by two-thirds from Moscow by the end of this year Pushes businesses to rely on fossil sources Always polluting: Also, to get it from Russia itself, thanks to the fact that the embargo on imports is not a concern – yet – important energy sources. The business newspaper explains that despite rising prices, it produces energy from coal residues Very cheap More than doing it with gas: The continent burned 51% more coal last week, compared to the same period last year, according to data from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy. At the same time gas demand has declined.

But so is Russia The largest supplier of coal To Western countries: At least one-third of imports by 2020 came from there. Due to the economic isolation of the country, brokers are trying to turn to other exporters such as Colombia, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa or the United States. But in recent days it has been proven that ships loaded with coal departed from Russia GermanyThe Latvia And this UKAnd 30,000 tons of cargo left the port on March 3rd Mormonsk (At Parent’s Sea) BelfastHe reveals Bloomberg Citing navigation data provided by provider Margura.

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