FFVII Remake Concept Art presents the Mother Claudia Cloud

On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2022, the Japanese Remake of FFVII Twitter account I decided to pay tribute to Cloud Strife’s mother Claudia for her concept art and screenshots. In addition to the design document highlighting its design, there are a number of in-game peeps. One even shows her appearance in the original game, which was a short cameo and didn’t include a good look at her face.

First, this is concept art that shows what Claudia Strive would look like. She is wearing a simple pink dress and apron. Additional details show how it will look from the back and will tie it in.

next is Remake of FFVII Screenshots showing how this artistic concept is reflected in the appearance of mom Claudia cloud in-game. While her full look isn’t visible from the front, we can see how her face resembles her hairstyle, as well as what the apron looks like from the back.

Finally, there is a screenshot of FFVII Claude’s mother appears while he is in a flashback. Although she is not elaborate, she still has a similar hairstyle and type of outfit.
Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix often uses the game’s Japanese account to share concept art and compare it to in-game screenshots. For example, previous updates looked at a file aligor head and look at Wall Market Material Store.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Available for PS4, while FFVII Remake Intergrade Out on PS5 and PC.

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