Fire in Italy, live | Armored Monbalcon, trains halted. Alps: Freezing above 4,000 meters

from Claudio del Frate

Critical situation in many areas due to exceptional heat wave and drought-induced fires. The situation in Europe is also dire

* High temperatures, fire, drought: A tough day from the weather point and beyond. Heatwaves and fires cause inconvenience to road and rail transport, for example Trieste area And inside Tuscany.

* Presented by Mayors at various places Commands but simple suggestions To protect the health of citizens
* The critical situation is not limited to Italy: temperatures continue to reach record highs in various parts of Europe. The heat wave changes From Great Britain Towards the center of Europe.

13:00 – Another 200 are expelled by the governor of Corizia

Complicated situation and we had to continue to further evacuate some families – including an old woman and two children – in Aimiano, after last night, in the other hamlet of Tobert del Lago, Sablici: Report of the Prefect of Corizia. , Raphael Ricciardi. About 200 people were newly evacuated.

12:56 pm – Two closed beaches in Grado

The air was unbreathable all night in Grado, one of Friuli’s most popular holiday resorts. They said that some kind of mist was seen everywhere. Someone reported burning eyes and difficulty breathing, Mayor Claudio Kovach said. Today the situation has improved, but on the other hand Marina Nova and Marina Julia beaches are banned by the union law.

12:52 PM – Fire at Versilia from satellite

The fire ravaging the Versilia area is visible from satellite. This is proven by a picture posted by Cnr Meteorologist Giulio Petti on his Twitter profile. Smoke engulfs the coastal area between the provinces of Lucca and Pisa.

12:42pm – Stop trains between London and Edinburgh

Traffic snarls in England for third day due to record heat London North East Railway has announced that the main line from London to Edinburgh will be closed until 12pm local time. Crews are working to repair power lines and signal equipment damaged by the fire. . According to the forecast, London will have a high of 26 degrees today, down from 40.3 degrees.

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12:37 pm – Stelvio, 4,400m frost: slopes closed

Today, unfortunately, after a period of very high temperatures with freezing temperatures above 4400m, we gave up, despite the temporary suspension of skiing on the Stelvio glacier, which we had to contact. This was announced by Umberto Capitani, ski lift manager in Alta Valtellina, bordering the province of Bolzano, where summer ski training takes place from June to November.

12:32 pm – Florence fire, close windows

It exploded in Florence A fire in the area of ​​Argingrosso, in Isoloto District. Mayor Dario Nardella announced on Facebook. Fire brigade vehicles are already on site – writes Nardella – the area is uninhabited, but nearby residents are advised to close their windows. We are monitoring the situation.

12:18 pm – 12 fires in Campania, railway disrupted

Another front has opened in the province of Caserta: 12 houses between Mondragone, Maddaloni and Sessa Aurunca have already been evacuated and the local railway line is blocked. There are currently 12 active fires in Campania.

12:07 pm – Nuclear plants cut production by half

Record temperatures combined with water shortages are impacting energy production across Europe. In Belgium, two reactors were forced to halve their operations due to outside temperatures reaching 32 degrees and showing no signs of abating. The same difficulty caused by the nuclear power plant in Switzerland.

12:02 – Peak heat from tomorrow

From Thursday until at least the beginning of next week, the African anticyclone will increase the heat further across Italy, especially in the central-northern regions and in Sardinia the anomaly will be more significant, even by almost 10 degrees. Compared to the average. This has been confirmed by meteorologists of the editorial staff of if last Friday we recorded a peak of 38-39 degrees, the heat in the second part of the week will be more intense and stable with values ​​from north to south. Close to 40 degrees in different parts of the Po valley, in cities such as Alessandria, Lodi, Cremona, Mantua, Bologna, and in the central-south, between Florence and Terni.

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12:00 – Verbania, water for domestic use only

Due to the drought emergency that also affects Piedmont, the Municipality of Verbania has issued an ordinance prohibiting the use of water for inappropriate purposes, except for priority requirements for drinking and sanitary use on citizens. For example filling swimming pools and watering gardens. All activities relating to the performance of public services and fire prevention services are excluded from the provision.

11:58 am – Lombardy is running out of water for agriculture

Unfortunately, we have reached drought conditions without water for agriculture. These are the heavy words spoken by the president of the Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana, on the sidelines of today’s conference at the University of Pavia. Lakes Maggiore, Garda and Como have water reserves that will allow them to be used for agricultural activities for a few more days – the President explained – the conditions of the basin of Lake Idro are very important. The situation is very alarming: if it does not rain in the next few days, it will be difficult to get water resources for agriculture.

11:52 am – Versilia, hotel rooms for displaced persons

At Versilia, because of Massarossa’s fire, they still exist More than 500 people were forced to leave their homes. A consortium of hoteliers has made hotel rooms available to residents of evacuation zones.

11:45 am – Friday 16 Italian cities red sticker

According to the Health Ministry’s heat wave bulletin, Italy today has 9 Italian cities with a red dot: alert level 3, maximum value, affecting Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Florence, Genoa Latina, Perugia, Rieti and Rome. . But the heat wave will intensify over the next few days: tomorrow will be a red spot in Campobasso, Frosinone, Milan, Turin and Viterbo, for a total of 14 cities, including Trieste and Verona, rising to 16 on Friday. Orange sticker (warning 2) today in Campobasso, Frosinone, Milan, Turin, Trieste, Verona and Viterbo. Warning 2 tomorrow in Trieste and Verona, Friday in Pescara and Civitavecchia. Naples is the only city in green today, tomorrow and Friday.

11:42 am – Record heat across Europe

From a meteorological point of view, the situation is similar across Europe: a heat wave caused temperatures of 40 degrees in England, which has never happened since the Second World War. But France, Belgium and Spain are also facing higher temperatures. The lack of rainfall has left the region vulnerable to wildfires.

11:34 am – Trieste, trains stop until 4 pm

Train traffic between Trieste and Monfalcone is still interrupted: it will not resume until 4pm when Trenitalia announces this, indicating that a replacement service with 6 buses is active. There are severe slowdowns in road traffic, causing further inconvenience and delay.

11:23 am – Manbalcon is a paralyzed city

There is a very critical situation in the Monbalcon area. Traffic is blocked on the highway. Due to the smoke, an edict was issued requiring the use of an FFp2 mask outside. Fincantieri halted business and sent about 3,000 workers home. These measures were necessitated by the high concentration of PM10 in the air.

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