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It will be a headache The first round of the French presidential electionWith more tight spacing than expected. Marine Le Pen And Emmanuel Macron According to a poll, they are linked to 24% Libre Belgian (French media will not be able to broadcast exit polls until polling stations close). Left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon It will stop at 19%. Instead the other two exit polls are one point higher than Le Pen for Macron, 25.2% against 24% or 24.7% against 23.5%.

The outgoing president and candidate from the Rose Assembly National will advance to the second round – widely expected ahead of the event. The most important and unexpected percentages. Although pre-Le Pen polls show a growth, Macron worries if they are confirmed that La Republic is at least one percentage point behind my march candidate.

Five years ago, in the first roundMacron got 24% given today, but Le Pen stopped with 21.4%. In the second round it was over With Macron’s avalanche success, 66%. But with parterre, this year’s challenges Eric Zemmer The 8% who snatched the votes of the right-wing candidate should make us think that the weight of the two candidates on the ballot will be different. The previous day’s last poll – a possible second round – was 51% for Macron and 49% for Le Pen, well below the statistical error (but many have not been decided).

At 17 p.m. 65% turnoutIt is down 4.4 percentage points compared to the 2017 election: this is evident from data released by the Interior Ministry in Paris.

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All the news about the election in France

19.33 New poll (Belgium): Macron is one point ahead of Le Pen.

According to a new poll on the French presidential election, the referendum was still open and was released some time ago. Libre BelgianWith 24.7%, President Emmanuel Macron is 23.5% taller than the challenging Marine Le Pen.

19.26 Record abstention in Corsica without incidents

Voting in Corsica, which held global presidential elections without major incidents, was closed and counting began, but no votes were cast in memory of Upper Corsica and the late independence leader Juan Kolona. Amid the unrest published by the newspaper The cow ran away, There has been a delay in the opening of the polls due to the tradition of glue stuck on the locks of the polling booths. In Ajasio, posters depicting Colona are pasted at the entrances of some polling stations. The graffiti ‘I Franchise Fora’ (IFF) was heard on the Town Hall building in Propriano, South Corsa.

26.5% of non-voters at 7.15pm (French average)

In France, the turnout in the first round of the presidential election was estimated at 26.5%. France 24 reports this Citing polls Appointed Ipsos-Chopra Steria. This is four points more than it was in the first round of 2017.

18.54 Everything is ready for Macron’s election evening

Everything is ready or almost ready at the Parc des Expositions in Paris, where the French president will leave tonight, Emmanuel Macron, Will address some supporters and hundreds of journalists around the world after the release of the first round results of the presidential election. Accredited journalists, after standing in line for a long time, must undergo rigorous security checks to access the spacious hall, which is set on a platform about 30 meters long. At its center was a lecture, followed by the French flag and the EU flag. In the background, a huge glowing letter, ‘Nous Dose’, underscores the unity of France.

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18.25 Letta: “If Le Pen wins, he will break the EU”

“Self Marine Le Pen If the French president wins the election it will be “a political earthquake in Europe, it will crush Europe and It will affect us too“. like this Enrico Letta Half an hour more “.

18.22 Salvini: “Election results in France will be interesting”

“When the French election ends at 20 tonight, I’m eager to see what the French people will say in the present. I think it will be very interesting.” Thus said the Secretary of the Association Matteo SalviniHe visited Vinitali in Verona for the French presidential election.

18.20 Macron walks along the beach with his wife

After the vote, President Macron went with his wife Brigitte MacronHe showed himself at Le Duquette on the beach, for a walk among the French citizens.

President Macron with his wife Brigitte (afp)

18.19 Accident to Hidalgo, no ballots were issued at the polls

Election accident for Socialist candidate Ann Hidalgo. In Pau municipality in New Aquitaine, ballots bearing his name were not issued to the public for nearly two hours, so 11 candidates had to be selected. The local council representative realized that only 11 decks of cards had been created. The people at Hidalgo were actually staying in a box that had not been accidentally opened. The ballots of the Socialist candidate were placed on the table in eighth place after Jean-Luc Mலlenchon in order of order.

18.18 Surprising poll: Macron was expected earlier than Le Pen

Ifop and Ipsos expect Macron to be in first place (26.5%) but only three points apart from Le Pen’s 23.5%. An Elabe survey puts only one point difference (26% vs 25%) between competitors.

18.07 French elections, first poll: Macron and Le Pen 24%

Emmanuel Macron And Marine Le Pen Leaving the polls and according to the first poll aired by Libre Belgium, they will go head-to-head with 24% of the vote in the first round of the French presidential election. Third Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon 19%. The first French chicken exit will only be released at 8pm, at the end of the poll.


18.00 Non-voting rate 26.5%, highest since 2002

The final turnout of the French in the polls could be as high as 26.5% in this first round of the presidential election. This is Elabe & Express’s forecast for Sfr released by BmfTv. In 2017, the final turnout was 22.23%. If confirmed, this would be the lowest turnout since 2002 at 28.4%.

17.45 French election polls: + 3% for Macron (ifop)

Recent Ifop poll There is a three-point difference in the first round of the French presidency Emmanuel MacronAt 26.5%, e Marine Le Pen, 23.5%. The difference between the two candidates It is gradually reduced. A month ago, the state president was 13 points higher than the president of the National Alliance. After rising to 30% after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Macron returned to his pre-war status.

French Presidential Election: First Round 2017 Results

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