From the Donbass, from Wednesday, the will flow to the stop

At 5 a.m. on Wednesday, May 11, it will be clear whether or not there has been a reduction in gas flow from Russia to Darvizio’s arrival point in Friuli. At the time, the Italian manager was able to assess whether what was happening in Snom Donbass would affect the methane supply imposed on Italy. Of course there are some concerns from the operators, but industry sources assure us that thanks to the branch of the network of gas pipelines that carry Russian gas to Europe, the supply system is capable of absorbing any obstacles.

Ukraine announced yesterday that it would suspend from the first The morning flow of gas through a transport point that supplies one-third of the methane shipped to Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Romania and Italy, accuses Moscow of having difficulty in supplying the occupation forces with a halt to operations. This was announced in a GTSOU memorandum by the Kiev manager, who ordered a halt to traffic on the Sokranivka route. This is a very subtle path, because methane passes through the border of the separatist region of Lukansk, where war eruptions and retaliation are daily. The Ukrainians support Force Major’s thesis included in the agreements as a subsection to be implemented in the event of an event beyond one’s control. The Ukrainian operator said that the Novopskov gas station in the Lukansk region was unable to operate due to the interference of the occupying forces in technical processes, and that the affected flow could be temporarily diverted to the point of contact with the Sudja body. Territory controlled by Ukraine.

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Gazprom does not hold the same opinion. Monopoly Russia said it was technically impossible to move all volumes of gas exports and there were no risks suggested to do so. A few days after the start of Russian military operations, it was confirmed that the Novopskov compressor station had been occupied by Russian forces and separatist fighters. Approximately 32.6 million cubic meters of gas per day is shipped to Europe, passing through this route. The news raised the future price of gas in the Amsterdam market (Ttf) by more than 100 euros per megawatt hour.

Rising gas prices

Even after the Russian invasion on February 24, Ukraine continues to be a major transit route for Russian gas to Europe, but the risks of war-related disruptions still dominate the market. Gas prices in Europe will maintain this geopolitical risk premium in the future, Stifel analysts Chris Wheaton and David Round said in a report beginning Tuesday, May 10th. They said gas prices will remain high in the remaining 2022 and 2023.

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