Gas, security and alliances, new geopolitics redefine equilibrium starting with Greece’s role in the Mediterranean

Geopolitics is more than 4.0 numbers, budgets and purely business logic and shapes the choices and relationships of states. Recent events related Mediterranean, The return of the sea to the center of the world and the echoes of the Abrahamic treaties and the energy crisis lead Interests and frictions. It can be understood from the concrete elements that music has changed. This is the level of massive investment Gas Pipe Connections and Safety: Greece, after ordering 18 jet fighters Storm And three warships from France are now possible Listen to some F-35 flights from the United States (Not in the Middle Ages). So the question everyone is asking is what the consequences will be Future budget, The country just two years ago that was seen and considered The markets have returned to funding After the euro crisis and after the tripartite “commissioner”.

Security Act and the 2021 US-Greece Partnership However, it also predicts the strengthening of military ties between Washington and Athens: The political, economic and social stage itself is very important to find Turkey That could continue until yesterday with the NATO ally. This is the reason Pentagon It has been doing this unofficially since its inception Progressive departure from the Turkish base of Insirlik. America has decided to build itself A project b (Or rather G, like Greece) if Turkey pushes further and further towards an alliance It has happened in Russia, Iran and China in the last two years.

Legislation recommended by U.S. senators Bob Menendez and Marco Rubio, As well as by Members of Parliament Dead Toys e Gus Pilrokis, Aims to deepen strategic relations between Greece and the United States, with a paragraph, which awaits the approval of the President of the United States, which is my ad Accelerate the delivery of F-35 aircraft in the future In Athens. Turkey, meanwhile, is on good terms Qatar, May decide to train their air force French fighters of the Qatar Emirate Air Force (Qeaf) Hellenic increased its capabilities to counter the Air Force Raphael Recently purchased. Looks like Qatar could bang up 36 military aircraft and up to 250 in Turkey Based on the military agreement signed last March.

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To understand how Greece’s role has changed from a military and geopolitical perspective, it is useful to take a step back. Al 1996, During the crisis Isol Imia, Disputes with Turkey. After a moment of that flaming spark, they arrived The Athenian government set aside about $ 28 billionBut they have really failed to strengthen the Greek defense sector. The benefits went slightly higher Partnership with intermediaries and politicians, Greek security level vis-à-vis Turkey Was less. This time Greece listened to NATO, the European Union and Especially to the United States Must be committed in writing to Defending its sovereignty And sovereign rights, as demonstrated by the treaties made with Paris and Washington.

The agreement with the United States directly affects the second element of this new Mediterranean balance. Or gas pipes, At a time when gas prices are rising and Russia is closing and reopening pipelines of its choice to Europe. Two pipes pass through the helical soil, Pipe and tanab. When it is finished it will be too East coming from Israel to Salendo. This is the longest gas pipeline ever built, which obviously affects the interests and relations of countless countries, but is not directly affected by it (Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Egypt and Turkey)

America is for this reason Parked vehicles and people at 4 Greek bases And is preparing for privatization Port of Alexandroupolis, Which is an area that is considered purely strategic by the NATO geopolitical and energy document. The airport is nearby Pipe del pipe, There is a gas depot at the nearby port of Kawala, It was a stone’s throw from the border with Turkey (Sensitive to the issue of migration), in fact this is the front room leading to a much-loved new connection to NATO: La via Corpathia. The latter is the south-north route Reaching Lithuania from Greece And it will, in all likelihood, become a privileged highwayAtlantic Alliance To cross All the countries of the Balkans are safe To the north end.

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NATO troops will, apparently, land in Alexandroupolis and then continue their voyage to Via Corbudia, as the United States and the European Union have done in a series of events over the past six months. Joint exercises. The problems associated with this new situation are very different, such as the expansion of the EU east or the future role of Greece. Gas-hub at a time when Ukraine is in danger of being cut off during operation New Russian-German North Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting the two countries directly. Position that surgically affects the allocations and budget chapters, without any setbacks in Parliament.


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