GB, Prime Minister candidate Liz Truss wants to scrap taxes on junk food

Proposal –

Say goodbye to “measures that tell citizens what to eat.” Tory number one, era

“Nanny State”

– The British use this term to denote a category

Overprotective government

Limiting citizens’ personal choices – that’s over. Hence the declaration to reject any proposed ban with formulas on the “buy first, second free” model applied to food products and above all preference.

Abolition of existing taxes on food and beverages

Too much fat, salt or sugar.

“The British want more” –

“Those lines are over – Truss said – do we still need to discuss whether or not to buy with the ‘two-for-one’ formula? No.

We have had enough

. What the government needs to do is ensure good roads, good rail services, broadband, ensure cell phone coverage, reduce waiting lists for health care and help people get doctor appointments.

Tax on Junk Food –

Britain decided last summer

Encourage healthy eating habits

, as part of an anti-obesity campaign to counter the overconsumption of foods high in sugar and salt. Standard included

National Food Strategy

A document favored by the Johnson government and drawn up by a commission coordinated by Henry Dimbleby, founder of Lyon’s, a sustainable and healthy fast food chain.

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