GB, Ukrainian refugee outburst: “I am not a family breaker”

The 22-year-old talks about the tabloids for the love story of the man who welcomed her into his home and left his wife and children for her.

“I did not intend to destroy that family, I wanted it – Sofia said – I spent a lot of time with Lorna (Tony’s wife, Ed), I tried to help her. But she had two faces. Constant suspicion, tension, pushed Tony and me closer. He created this situation by saying, but it did not happen.It was his fault.

The girl explained that the husband-wife relationship was already in crisis before he arrived. “It was my decision to leave their house. Tony chose to come with me when I did.” When the news came in the tabloids, Sofia was overwhelmed by criticism. By her, one said that British families no longer wanted to treat refugees and that even her family refused her.

“They say no one in the UK will accept Ukrainians because of me. Now every family will think, ‘I can not come as a refugee because she’s going to snatch my husband away from me. It’s not about me, Tony and Lorna anymore. You can not understand how I feel: Now they write to me, I’m a terrible person, I did a bad thing for my country, but nothing is true. “

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