Great danger to GF Vip, terrible accident: Hair caught fire – Video

One of GF Vip’s roommates burns his hair: High risk to House and other competitors

Jessica Selassie, who inadvertently brought her hair close to the fire, was in terrible danger and great danger: the princess experienced only a strong fear, which frightened others as well.


Fortunately a great fear Jessica Selassie And all the roommates in the house Big Brother VIP Who saw the flames at any moment. They quietly dressed in antique clothes and were eager to dine Egypt, The Ethiopian princess reached out to pick up something from the table.

Her gesture caused a sudden spark in her hair. In particular, Jessica She came very close to the candle in the middle of the table and arranged a show there, and her hair immediately lit up.

Jessica Selassie, Focus on Her Hair: Fear

Video of the moment of hair loss Jessica Selassie Immediately came around the web, not only for a potential accident, but fortunately, not only for a terrible fear, but for a profound reason that hit the hearts of users. One of these, in fact, pointed to the indifference of the other roommates: no one stopped to confirm how he was or whether he needed help. “Honestly, I’m very sorry about Jessica, from a human point of view, especially since it seems to me that no one can confirm that she’s good.”, This is a comment shared by a good part of Twitter.

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As you can see from the video, in fact, none of the roommates stopped what they were doing to confirm the situation of the Ethiopian princess, a shock Look Then he returns to do what he was doing.

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